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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[NEWS] 130312 Key coerces Minho into ice skating with him on upcoming episode of SHINee's documentary

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As a strong, charismatic, strapping young man, SHINee’s Minho is the perfect gentleman in everyone’s eyes, but according to Key, Minho is merely a pushover.

In an upcoming episode of MBC music’s SHINee’s One Fine Day, both Minho and Key visited London for their vacation.

Although they arrived in England together, the two members split to do their own things. After their agendas were filled, Key became lonely and called Minho up for dinner. Minho tried to make it hard for Key, but in the end, easily gave up and decided to eat dinner with Key.

Upon hanging up the phone, Key explained the true nature of Minho.“Minho is actually an easy man when you get to know him,” said Key. “He’s really bad at rejecting things and will buy you everything you want. He also spends money recklessly.”

When the two met up, Key wanted to ice skate, and despite being hungry, Minho decided to go skate with Key.

The true nature of Minho, according to Key, will be revealed on March 12.

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Source: enewsWorld

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