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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[FA] 130320 SHINee @ MBC Show Champion Recording

There were 2 pre records because it seems that they recorded for 2 episodes of Show Champion something like that.

1st pre record:

For the first pre record (dream girl) they made 3 rounds~

For the first one, Onew dropped his mic stand, a piece even flew in the air, his face was so surprised, he catched it on the floor trying to be cool but all shawol laughed, his members too they sightly laughed at him trying to continue the perfo, then Onew smiled like “hihi i broke my mic”
So funny~

And so after few seconds the music stopped kk While the staff tried to fix onew’s mic, Taemin was playing with his hat, throwing it in the air and trying catch it on his head~ He missed it few times kk

During the two breaks Only Key, Taemin and Jonghyun went to side to see their perf on the screen, Minho and Onew kept watching from the main stage.
At the first break, Onew sat on the steps in the back on of the stage, resting a little :)

When they started another time, the music suddenly stopped while Taemin was singing, he kept his mic in front of his mouth and his face was like ‘why? Why did you stop? I’m so chocked’ ahahhaha

At the end of the last perfo, i don’t know how but Taemin made his hat fall, ended he had to go on the forward steps near the fans to take it back kk

At a moment, they were all talking together and Key laughed hard, maybe it was about Onew previous mic accident kk
His laugh is so unique, it made laugh all the fans

Onew was playing with his before performing line showing something on them? His face was soooo cute, like ‘did you see?’ Key went to him like ‘Mh? What?’ 

After the first full recording, they all went in the backstage expect Key who stayed alone on the stage. I think he didn’t realized it at first so when he turned around he was like’eh?’ 

Jonghyun yawned very loudly ~

At the end they waved a lot, Minho bowed a lot to fans. Taemin took off his hat and pretended to throw it to the fans … Teasing!


2nd pre record:

When we entered again in the room, the boys were already on stage and they made signs to us (to the shawol going in the room) like ‘come in come in! Take place!’ Kk

They started but at the beginning, during Taemin’s part he hit his leg with his mic (seems to hurt a little but it was ok). The music stopped and a shawol said ‘The mic didn’t do well right?’ (Like it’s the mic’s fault kk) Taemin nodded and pretend to hit his mic! Ahah Anyway they have to do it again and Taemin dropped his mic again at the same part, he was so sorry ~~

Key said something to fans but we couldn’t understand so we were like ‘what? WHAT?’ He just laughed and applaused k
Key was cute today, always smiling and waving to fans~

They started again, the music began but Minho was doing the fool so it was not good lol The same shawol said ‘The music didn’t do well right?’ And Minho laughed… And they started again! Taemin almost dropped his mic AGAIN at the same part but the music still went on. All was good until Onew’s part when he has to make his stand mic turn, he made it wrong and the stand mic hit his head and flew in the front of the stage. 
It seems to hurt because he stopped his movement and they all stopped. Minho checked at him, Onew was still smiling but I think the pain was real. So he went to backstage for few minutes.

During this time Key, Minho and Taemin were joking around, playing with the mics (If I remember well Minho and Taemin made their mics fall down on the floor)
Jonghyun was staying still, not moving, thinking a lot, so shawol asked ‘are you tired?’ He said no with the head but when they were about to start again he yawned again kk

When Jinki came back he seemed to be fine!

The last one they made it right, Taemin didn’t drop his mic, Jinki didn’t hit his head, Jonghyun didn’t yawn, everything was good ~~ kk

When they left, Minho does the same thing as Taemin before, he took off his jacket and pretend to throw it to fans ~ 

Credit : Murasaki @ SHINee FranceRepost by Forever_SHINee[4]

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