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Sunday, March 17, 2013

[TRANS] 130316 SHINee on SBS Park Sohyun's "Love Game"

on PSH's Love Game today, DJ asked abt ideal type (yes, again):
onew--the one who looks good in one-piece dress
Key's ideal type: the one who is like him ;)
taem's ideal type: (of course) Amanda Seyfried! Given a chance to see her later, I won't miss it! (DJ says his eyes sparkled :)
jjong's ideal type: the one who listens to him, he needs such a person these days ;)
Mino's ideal type: the one who can adjust to him n has lots of aegyo

shinee r ashamed of their clumsy personal skills they showed in first years on tv or radio
taem is not, he can do it (imitation of seo taiji) even now, but hyungs stopped him:
mino "sorry but please don't"

SHINee #1: who has wider personal connections? (too easy!) men or women, key has the longest contact list ;)
jjong wants to do collabo with primary
onew is interested in rap these days n wants to do a duet w/ dynamic duo's choi ja or gecko
key's suggestion for onew is a duet with Ali

the most photogenic member:
key "jonghyun hyung",
DJ "in regard of what?"
key "he looks better in pics than in person" xDD
DJ: it can mean looking good in stylish outfits on stage (onew whispers, "onew, onew")
mino: that's right, when you see him on stage after seeing him in private clothes, you feel, "oh he's like human now" xD
interested in fashion these days, onew gets nervous as he prepares what to wear for the next day ;)
DJ: what else r u interested in?
onew: darts cuz it makes me concentrate

Who has the most motherly instinct?
onew: "Minho cuz when taem loses things, he helps him find them n he makes suggestions for stage"

who looks in the mirror often, boasts of body line n appearance?
mino "it's Key" w
hy? "he looks in the mirror very often"
Key, "just bcuz I look in the mirror often, but I don't boast of my body line or appearance" ;)

who has the best body line?
jjong "Taemin"
key "he's slim but has some butt" xD
jjong, "in our dorm, we r a bit wild, minho, taemin, and I wear nothing on top" ;D

what does key wear for night?
jjong "a gown like in a hotel"
taem "i thought he took it from a hotel" xD
what is onew-ssi's sleepwear?
onew "comforter"
DJ "eh?" xDDD

who is most sensitive to 'bad replies' on internet?
taem "recently minho hyung said he sees more bad replies n is upset"
jjong "we laugh over them now we r in 6th year"
key "I like bad replies a lot"
jjong "they r fun"

Translated by: juju_home
Compiled by joAnnwashere @

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