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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[NEWS] Taemin takes a step into alternate reality with tvN's "Dating Agency: Cyrano"


In his most recent acting stint on tvN's "Dating Agency: Cyrano", Taemin portrays lovesick teen idol star Ray, who is, like Taemin himself was, a celebrity still in high school. As a teen heartthrob with adoring female fans, Ray's heart lies with his class president, Min Sekyung. Despite his bold attempt in asking her out, Ray gets turned down. With the help of his classmate and employee of Cyrano Dating Agency, Doh Arang, they come together to help Ray chase down the girl of his dreams.

Their first attempt in getting the attention of Sekyung falls short of expectations, as unbeknownst to both the agency and Ray, Sekyung's affection is steered towards Arang. And so the agency plans for Ray and Sekyung to meet "coincidentally" at a convenience store, which results in the both of them having to run away from a hoard of fans.

The next attempt fails once again as paparazzi have arrived at the school to get a scoop on Ray's confessed affection for a girl in his school. While running away from the reporters, the idol sees Arang kissing Sekyung. Feeling dejected, Ray casually confronts Arang and after the denial the other boy presents, confesses that he saw everything. Arang responds by kicking the Cyrano team into high gear to complete Ray’s case. The team leader does the unexpected and opens a window for Arang to reveal his feelings for Sekyung, but he closes it down and lets Sekyung find her way to Ray.

With the use of an old band-aid that brought her to his attention, Sekyung returns Ray's affection for her and the agency adds another successful case to their resume.

Taemin's matured acting and portrayal of Ray impressed viewers and fans alike, with many praising him for his improvement. This short cameo appearance has definitely left fans waiting for more.

Written by: Darkick & debsayys @

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