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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[NEWS] SHINee participates in MBC's 'The Queen's Classroom' OST and music video production


SHINee will be making an appearance as 'Super Idols' in the music video for MBC's new drama, The Queen's Classroom! This music video was made for the song that the talented five sang for the drama's official soundtrack.

Together with a lineup of child actors who are students in the show, the members of SHINee will be the The Five Queen-dols, and actors Choi Yunyeong and Ricky Kim, who are casted as teachers, will be The Queen Line. 

At the end of the fourth episode that will be aired on June 20th, cuts of the music video featuring The Five Queen-dols, and The Queen Line will be broadcasted, showcasing a bright and lively group choreography.

The drama-like music video about school life was shot in a school auditorium in Yangcheon, Seoul, where SHINee met The Queen's Classroom cast. The performance from the powerful Queen Team along with the charismatic super idols SHINee, put the staff on their toes with anticipation for the music video. The Queen Team and SHINee recorded the energetic dance scenes for five hours. In between takes, the children seized the opportunity to take pictures with SHINee. 

The head writer expressed that viewer ratings are expected to rise with the involvement of "best idols SHINee" in the production of their music video.

Source: OSEN
Written by: ​Darkick @

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