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Thursday, June 13, 2013

[NEWS] 130612 Byul Feels Like She Married a SHINee Member with HaHa’s New Hair Color

After toying around with his hair, HaHa has finally gone blond, much to his wife’s delight.

On June 11, HaHa tweeted, “Yes~~^^I went blond~!! Hahahaha. In 15 years~~Annoying, right?”

He posted a picture of himself with bright blond hair, reminiscent of Noh Hong Chul’s old hair, which many netizens mentioned.

Following HaHa’s tweet, his wife, Byul wrote on her Twitter, “I married an idol! He’s like a SHINee member! So pretty~~~^^ (;;;; I’m still a newlywed…please let this slide…)”

HaHa replied that Byul was swimming in dangerous waters, to which Byul said, “SHINee fans! I...I just said it to laugh. Ahem.”

HaHa then reassured her by saying, “It’s okay. Jonghyun and I follow each other.”

Photo Credit: HaHa′s Twitter 
 cr: enewsworld

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