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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

[FA] 130604 130604 SHINee Surprise Vacation Travel Note Fansigning - Arthouse Momo, Ewha Women's University

There were many fans who were just there to observe.
 After fansign, Minho and Taemin ran to the van very happily. 
Jonghyun and Key slowly walked to the van.
Onew wasn't seen, probably he went to the washroom.
In the end, the members waited impatiently and they also came down from the van to go to the washroom.
Taemin was alone in the van.
Manager kept shouting "Not allowed to take pictures!"
On the way to the washroom, Jonghyun was smiling and said "Just take! Just take!"
Source: woorishinee
Translated by: squishyjinki
Fan: Oppa's self-written song is really good.
Jonghyun: Thank you x2
F: Still have more?
J: Of course
F: Reveal it? Reveal it?
J: No

Source: real9048
Translated by: squishyjinki
When I was at the audience area, I didn't realize but when I get closer to Onew, I saw that his face is really skinny...... The skinniest among the 5 members. Really shocked me.
Fan: Hello
Onew: Hello
Fan: Do you have any plans for a concert this year?
Onew: It is a little difficult to have one this year......
Fan: Ah.....
Onew: However, I am still not sure.
Fan: Oh.
(Taemin still wasn't done but I didn't prepare any more things to say. Silence.... And more silence)
Fan: hehe
Onew: ^^
Fan: hehehe
Onew: ^^
Fan: Please don't go on a diet anymore, you're very skinny now.
Onew (suddenly became serious): I didn't go on a diet. I don't know how I became like this...
Fan: Oh oh~
(Taemin still wasn't done)
Fan: I bought XX copies 
Onew: So many? Oh my.
Fan: ^^ You said there are many books, I..... (At this moment, Taemin was done so I went forward....)
Taemin: Hello
Fan: Hello
Taemin (looks at name): Ah~ Hai Niao (fake name)
Fan: is Hai Niao noona!! Noona.
Taemin: Eh? Noona? (Lifted his head and studied the fan's face)
Oh~ Is a noona.
Fan: Taemin ah!!! Hahahahaha
Taemin: Hahahaha yes, you are really a noona.
Fan: .......
Taemin: ^^
Fan: ^^
Fan: Next time, come to our school more often ah
Taemin: This is your school?
Fan: Yes
Taemin (suddenly sat upright): Hello ^^
Fan: 0_0??
Fan: Hello
Key: Hello
Fan: Can you say "Noona, Noona, I am Qi Fan (Key's Chinese name)" in Chinese?

(At this moment, there was no one at Minho's side)

Key: Ah... How do I say it
Fan (in Chinese): "Noona, Noona, I am Qi Fan"
Minho: Chi Fan? Why Chi Fan? (chi fan= eat rice in Chinese)
Key (stared at him): That is my name.
Minho: Why are you called Chi Fan? Your name is really weird.
Key: It is not Chi Fan, it is Qi Fan, my name is Qi Fan
Minho: Oh~ 0_0
Source: joyce02032002
Translated by: squishyjinki
1) Fan: Last night, Ray (Taemin's character in Dating Agency: Cyrano) Oppa was really interesting.
Taemin: (sigh)
Fan: Why did you sigh?
Taemin: Ray is that good?
Fan: No~ I like Taemin more
Taemin: I like Ray more ^^ 
2) Fan: How, I guess I am ‘jumping’ over to RAY.
Taemin (suddenly stopped half way while signing): Ah?
Fan (laughed hysterically): Who do you think is more handsome? Taemin or Ray?
Taemin: Both are

Source: 小智MAX
Translated by: squishyjinki
After fansign, Onew politely bowed to the staff before boarding the van.
Minho's front seat was stolen so his expression was solemn. After coming back from washroom, he couldn't open the front door.
And realized that someone was inside. He had no choice but to sit at the back. So Taemin had a reason for not going to the washroom....
Source: woorishinee
Translated by: squishyjinki
Welcome 4Minute's new member.
Taemin: What's your name?
Fan: my name is...
Taemin: What's your phone number? 
*Lines from What's Your Name*
Fan: Oppa, there's no more surprises?
Taem: Have! look forward to it!
F: Other than Trap MV?
T: (eyes widened) How did you know about that?
Fan: Jinki oppa, what kind of beer do you like?
Onew: I don't like drinking beer~
Taemin (at the side): What? Don't you like beer? Beer!! ^^
Translated by: squishyjinki
Fan: Kibum ah have you had dinner? 
Key: What time is it now?
Fan: Umm 6.05
Key: Oh… In that case… I had lunch just now~~ I haven’t had dinner~
Fan: Why haven’t you had dinner?
Key: Cuz it’s 6 now~~ I haven’t had dinner yet
Source: juststunning
Translated by: MINHOLE
Fan: Hello Oppa!
Key: Hello~
Fan: Oppa, I wish to do a double eyelid operation, should I?
Key: Why did you ask me this… (He looked up at the fan) Don’t do ah don’t do!!
Fan: ne ㅠㅠ
Source: Ring花椰菜
Fan: You know, Taemin xi~ Can I ‘jumped’ over to RAY (Taemin’s name in ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’) Oppa that side?
Taemin: Yes, you can ^^
Fan: You should say no ah!
Taemin: Is it not EXO Lay?
Fan: No!! (Jonghyun: You don’t have to have such big reaction right?)
Taemin: Hahaha Why? EXO Lay is good ah~
Fan: Yes, Good. But no.
Source: 小智MAX

Didn’t notice when I was at my seat, but when I look upclose on stage, Onew's face was really thin…thinest among the 5. I was shocked.
Fan: Hello
Onew: Hello 
Fan: Will SHINee have plans for concert this year? 
Onew: May be a bit of difficult this year. 
Fan: Ahh… 
Onew: But I still do not know… 
Fan: oh~
Fan: Hehe Onew: ^^ 
Fan: Err.. Don’t go on diet anymore, you are too thin
Onew: (Suddenly more serious) I did not, I do not know why do I still look so thin… 
Fan: Oh oh ~
Taemin: Hello 
Fan: Hi 
Taemin: (Looking at Fan’s Name) Ah ~ ‘Hai Niao’ (Fake Name) 
Fan: Is ‘Hai Niao’ Noona!! Noona 
Taemin: Eh? is Noona? (Rising his head to look at Fan)
Taemin: Oh~ is Noona 
Fan: Taemin ah!!! Ahahahahaha 
Taemin: Hahahaha Yes, really is Noona 
Fan: …. (Silent) 
Taemin: ^^ 
Fan: ^^ 
(Jonghyun’s Side is not ready yet)
Fan: Do visit our school more often in the future~
Taemin: Ah, you are from this school (Ehwa Woman University)? 
Fan: Yes 
Taemin: (Suddenly sit up straight and…) Hi ^^ 
Fan: O___O??
Fan: Hi 
Jonghyun: Hello 
Fan: Err… the.. hmmm.. Has Roo and Comme Des met? O__O 
Jonghyun: (Thinking) Not yet. Ah Wrong! Ah! No, haven’t met yet. But Roo and Little Locket (The puppy which Key got from MBC Love Chaser in 2010) did. 
Fan: Ahh~
Fan: Ahh… I have lost Minho (Fan missed the page which she wanted Minho to sign on) where did he go? >< 
Minho: Minho lost? No… Minho is here. 
Fan: O___O?? 
Minho: ^^ 
Fan: …. Ah hahahahaha 
Minho: Hello 
Fan: Hi, please sign on here
(Minho in the mist of signing)
Fan: Ahh! My mother really likes you!!! 
Minho: Ah haha, please help me thank her!! Fan: ne ^^
Fan: Hi 
Key: Hello 
Fan: Hmmm… Can you say ‘Noona, Noona, I am Keybum’ in chinese? Key: Hmm… how do i say it?
(Minho was still waiting for Fan from Jonghyun’s side)
Fan: (in Chinese) Noona, Noona, I am Keybum
Minho: (because ‘Keybum’ chinese name sounds like eating rice in chinese) Eat rice? Why eat rice? 
Key: (Stare at Minho) That’s my name 
Minho: Why is your name sounds like ‘Eat rice’? Your name is wierd.
Key: Not eat rice, is Kibum, Kibum is my name. 
Minho: oh~ O__O ‘Chi Fan’ ‘Qi Fan’ ‘Chi Fan’ ‘Qi Fan’ 
Fan: Hmm… so can you said it once in chinese for me? 
Key: (while signing, looking down) ‘Noona Noona I am Kibum’ (in Chinese)
Fan: O____O (Please look up at me T___T)
Source: keybomi 
Translated by: Forever_SHINee
1. 2 fans taught SHINee how to do a small heart with their hands. JH saw it first so he learnt and did. Taemin saw it and asked if these are rude hand gestures. Fans said no and minkey learnt as well. Key also asked if this is a rude hand gesture. 

2. Fans asked Key about Comme Des's size now and Key gestured using his hands(quite big now)
Fans asked if he will turn very huge?
Key shook his head and said that Comme des will continue growing but maybe just up to this size and he showed using his hands again.

3. Minho pretended to hit Key twice using the mic.
Key : Since you already gestured , why not hit me for real once ?
Fans laughed.
Fan showed Onew this photo and said that he looks like the younger cousin instead. 
Onew: Why younger ? Cos of the height ?
F : Hello
JH : Hello
F : errr .. (she initially wanted to ask if Roo is prettier or Comme Des and tease JH but she forgot)
F : Err .. Have Roo and Comme Des met ?
JH : (thought) No ! eh wrong ! Ah ! Never but Roo has met key(the dog key got in Love chaser)
F : Ah ~ ^^
JH : 0_0 (his eyes are really big)

She could not stare straight at JH's eyes.
(Initially wanted to ask who is prettier , Roo or Comme Des but certain JH will say Roo so fan decided to ask Minho to tease JH again but cos she didnt ask JH so she didnt ask Minho too.)
F : Ah .. Minho is missing(cant find his page) , where did Minho go ?
MH : Minho is missing ? How can he go missing ? i am right here.
F : o_O
MH : ^^
F : .... ah hahahhahas
MH : Hello
F : Hello , please sign here.
F : ..... (minho is signing)
F : (suddenly remembered) My mum likes you!
MH : Ah ~ Hahahas please tell her thank you on my behalf.
F : Ne ~ ^^
Taemin isnt ready yet but the fan has finished saying what she had planned so silence filled the air. Fan and Onew looked at each other..
Fan : Hehe
Onew : ^^
Fan : Hehehhee
Onew : ^^
Fan : Err . Stop going on diets , you are getting too thin.
Onew : (serious) I am not on diet , i didnt know what happened to me either ?
Fan : Ohoh ~
Fan : I bought XXX copies.
Onew : You bought so many ? OMG
Fan : ^^ 
Source: Keybomi
Translated by: bling_saur
Compiled by: J.Kimkeysemily @

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