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Saturday, June 29, 2013

[FA] 130628 SHINee - Japan Arena Tour 2013, Saitama (Day 1)

Why So Serious is the Opening Song
Security is tight. Few people managed bring in their cameras. Even though they brought it in, they're afraid to take pictures
Source: 崔杨杨 o_O

MC time: Onew gave Jonghyun towel to wipe his sweat
MinHo used his hand to wipe TaeMin's sweat. After wiping Taemin's sweat, he wiped his hand on Key's shirt.

Because I got frightened by the staff, I was scared to take pictures during Kiss Yo. New record for cuteness level.

They said its very hot. JongTae took off their jackets and only currently wearing wifebeaters. Then they proceeded to saying that they have debuted 2yrs in Japan
Source: 贝贝no貝貝

Jonghyun held Key's face and sang "I wanna kiss you I wanna kiss you"
During 'Beautiful' Key raised his hand and touched Onew's fringe
Source: 竹馬家李二萌的娘A_A
Translation by: vernxoals

The camouflaged outfits during To Your Heart performance were very nice!
During the first MC talk, Onew used a handkerchief to wipe Jonghyun's sweat. Minho used his hand to wipe Taemin's swear and then wiped the sweat on Key's shirt.
SHINee said it is too hot so Taemin and Jonghyun took their jackets off and were only wearing singlets
SHINee has performed Kiss Yo.
During a talk section, Onew kept touching his ear so Jonghyun asked "what are you doing?" Onew replied that there was sweat there...

Source: 贝贝no貝貝
Translation by: squishyjinki

 All the outfits are nice today. Very cute, mushroom car, coffee cups, apple cars, slides and kid's bike..
At the first MC/talk, Onew passed a towel to Jjong to wipe his sweat. Minho wiped Taemin's sweat and then wiped his dirty hands on Key.

During Beautiful, Key extended his hands and touched Onew's hair

During Kiss Yo, i wanna kiss you and Minkey keep doing "muack". Jjong held Key's face while singing "i wanna kiss you" for 2 times.

Talk time now, Jjong and Taemin said theyre feeling hot and removed their jackets. Currently only wearing wifebeaters.

Talking about their 2 year debut anniversary in Japan now.
Last song is 1000 years.

During talk, Onew kept touching his ears and Jjong went "what are you doing!!"
Onew: I'm wiping my sweat!
Everybody ran to the arena when encore started and it is pretty chaotic.

Midway during Sherlock, Taemin removed and threw his jacket to a staff.

Key: Minho-gun, you're touched today too right?
Minho: I'm touched....
Key: (cut in) Ok I know that!
Jonghyun: Because Onew is very KY (it just means being in the confused state)
Taemin: but I like this kind of Onew. Then Taemin went to hug Onew.
At the very end, SWJ gave a signal to raise this banner and Key started crying
Taemin asked if SW at the second level can see them clearly then
Jonghyun went: what about the 3rd? 4th? 5th? 6th? 7th....?
Actually those levels doesn't even exist he's just being him.
Key cried and said he doesn't want to go back anymore.
Jjong say we're still coming here tomorrow and tomorrow tomorrow.
Key said "can't we do two more songs!"
Jonghyun then said "the staffs will be very busy then... It's ok it's ok", comforting Key.
During Kiss Yo, Minho was on his bike and he fly across the stage with 2 elevated steps. When Key reached there, he paused and walk down.
Source: 贝贝no貝貝
Translated by: keykrisyeol

All of the SHINee members went to the arena region and did high-five with fans one by one when they walked past them
Source: yuri270
Translated by: kimkeysemily

-Setlist -
I'm with You
Keeping love again
Sunny Days Hero
Why So Serious
Kiss Yo
Dazzling Girl
Moon River Waltz
The World You Exist
Dream Girl (Jap ver)
To Your Heart
Burning up
Breaking News
1000 Years, Always By Your Side
Source: jujugal

Jonghyun keep saying "I'm handsome right" but no one reply him. Key rolled his eyes and said "it's not funny"
Source: kana眯眼控
Translation by: KEYBE0MMIE

During encore, Jonghyun suddenly grabbed Key by the neck and shook him, then the fansupport prepared by Japanese fans began! It's this paper that everyone held up! Everyone got a shock, Key cried! Jonghyun walked to Key and told him not to cry. To everyone: Let's say "Don't cry" together! "Don't cry!"~ Then the other 3 also walked there (towards Jongkey), Taemin also told Key not to cry! Onew even sang it! 
 Lee Taemin threw his singlet out during Sherlock! (Threw it to the staff) The main point is his action! Too handsome! Manly! Taemin is not a kid anymore!

During talk time, because everyone was sweating profusely for the previous few songs,and like what I said previously that Onew helped Jong wipe his sweat,then before they had to sing again, Minho suddenly touched Key's body, from the shoulders and along the arms. I really wanted to ask what he's doing. In the end I realised he was wiping his sweat on Key.

Encore! All of them went into the arena area!! They Hi-5ed with fans as they pass by!

During talk time, Onew kept touching his ears, so Jonghyun said: What are you doing! Onew then said: There's sweat inside my ears. Jonghyun then continue to talk and talk and talk then Onew used his own towel to wipe sweat for Jonghyun.

The last song is 1000years, always by your side.

WSS live is very scary! Onew kept being cute! Jongkey had their backs against each other. A while ago during Beautiful, Key stretched his hand and touched Onew's fringe. Kiss yo this new song is too scary! After singing "I wanna Kiss Yo", Minho kept going "Mua!", Onew and Taemin are too cute! Main point is, Jonghyun held Key's face and sang "I wanna kiss u I wanna kiss u". Source: 竹馬家李二萌的娘A_A
Translated by: laetita_aw

12. When they were singing the "i wanna kiss you" line in the Kiss Yo Song , Jonghyun went to touch Key's face!!!
Source: yangyang901209
Translated by: bling_saur

To Your Heart army prints costume so handsome.

Apparently security is very tight today, not many people managed to bring camera in,those who managed to dont dare to take photos.
SHINee sang Kiss Yo!

The show opened with Why So Serious, and Key's hair is pink. 

Today every one of their outfit looks really really good, beats that are too cute, mushroom car, coffee cup, apple car, slide, kids' bike, all came out.

3. During the first MC section, Onew gave Jonghyun a towel to wipe his sweat,Minho used his hand to help Taemin wipe away his sweat then he wiped Taemin's sweat on Key's shirt =_=
Source: 贝贝no貝貝
Translated by: laetita_aw

Seeing all the fans holding up the event slogan, Key cried. So Jonghyun asked fans to chant "Don't cry" and while holding in tears, Key asked "Can't we just sing 2 more songs?" and Jonghyun said it may cause difficulties for the staff, and it ended
Encore talk:Jonghyun shouted "I'm also very handsome right! I'm very handsome right~ I'm very handsome right~", shaking his heads and prancing around crazily. Taemin asked the fans upstairs if they could see clearly. Jonghyun: How about 2nd floor? 3rd floor? 4th floor? 5th floor? 6th? 7th? (Actually there is not 6th or 7th, he did it purposely). So in the end he got criticised by everyone saying that he's not funny yet he kept repeating the joke. 

 In the end Jonghyun took staff's DSLR camera up on stage and took photos with it, Taemin said to let the staff take (photos) and we'll take (a photo) together. Then when they posed, Taemin suddenly ruffled his own hair and said "Ah my hairstyle!" Jonghyun said "Ah, my hairstyle, but my face is good-looking~". Today's talk time has a lot of funny points, many of them came from Jonghyun.
Source: yuri270
Translated by: thpapergangster

Reminiscing some moments.. Onew kept touching his ears during the talk session. Jonghyun 'What are you doing!' Onew 'There's perspiration at the back of my ears!' Haha Oppa, your perspiration appears at the cutest spot XD' While Jonghyun was talking, Onew used his towel to wipe off his perspiration for him XD These 2 people are so cute~"
Source: _JH0408, DCGallery, 竹馬家李二萌的娘A_A
Translated by: laetita_aw

The members were shocked. Key cried. Jonghyun walked over and hugged him and tell him not to cry. He also told everyone to chant 'Do not cry' ~ The 3 other members walked over. Taemin told him do not cry, Onew also sang out the words 'Do not cry'

"WSS live scene is extremely scary! Onew couldn't stop doing aegyo! Jongkey had their backs pressed against one another TT >< >< >< >< Let me include an intro picture. I am on the second floor today @.@"

During encore, Jonghyun suddenly had (his arms/hands?) around Key's neck and shook it. Then the special event organised by Japanese Shawols started - which is to have everyone raise up this banner

All the members got a shock. Key cried!
Jonghyun went up to Key and asked him not to cry.
And told everyone "Let's say 'Stop crying' together! 'Stop crying!"~
Then the rest of the 3 members went over and Taemin even told Key not to cry!
Onew sang that to him instead! haha"

"I jumped on the spot, levitating ahhhhhhhhhhhh the next song was even cuter. Their live is too scary ahhhhhhhhhhhh the stage design is definitely much better!"

During talk, everyone was perspiring heavily due to some songs. previously talked about Onew wiping perspiration for Jonghyun, Minho suddenly touched Key's body when they started singing - carressing from shoulders to his arms! What was he trying to do! I then realised he was wiping his own sweat on Key's body ahahahahhaha 91-line is bickering couple XDDDDDD

Lee Taemin ahhhhhhhhhh he threw his outerwear down the stage as he was singing Sherlock! He was throwing to the staff members, but that's not the main point. The main point is how he executed that move! So handsome! Manly! Taemin is no longer a kid!! >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< ><

Jonghyun brought up the huge video camera from the staff to the stage. Taemin said 'Let the staff photo take a video/photo of us, let's do it together'. When they were doing their poses, Taemin suddenly caressed his own hair and said 'Ah~ my hairstyle!" Jonghyun "Ah~ my hairstyle! but my face is still handsome~" This was so funny! Today's talk had many funny moments, most of them came from Jonghyun ahhahhah XD

Encore talk, Jonghyun announced loudly 'I am very handsome too right~ I am very handsome right~ I am very handsome right~", doing a clumsy dance. Are you crazy XDDD Did you leave your senses at home hahahah. Taemin asked people on the upper floors if they could see (their stage) clearly? Jonghyun "2nd floor? 3rd floor? 4th floor? 5th floor?6? 7?

During that scary song, Kiss Yo, a few children bicycles were brought up to the stage. There's a type where you have to stand on it and glide across the floor with another feet, not sure how to describe it. Taemin looks such a cutie riding the children bicycle ><! Jonghyun sat on the gliding one - but as it was difficult for adults to control a children bicycle, he kept wobbling and wobbling ah ><! ><! ><!
Source: yuri270

Onew used his towel to wipe off Jjong's perspiration, Minho used his hands to wipe off Taemin's sweat and then transferred onto Key's shirt =_="
Every single outfit wore tonight looks really good. Aegyo, mushroom cars, coffee cups, apple vans, slides, children bicycles - all of these appeared!"
"To your heart colourful clothing looks really handsome!"

"They said they were too hot, Taemin and Jonghyun removed their outerwear, revealing their wife beaters inside. They announced that this year is their 2nd anniversary since they have debuted in Japan"
Source: njbeibei

"Today's security check is extremely thorough. Not many were able to sneak their cameras in. Those who managed to bring it in did not dare to take photos either
Translated by: thpapergangster

Key cried at the surprise message greeting them welcome back.
When they're about to take the pic Taemin suddenly blurted out, "Me, God!"
Towards the end, Onew was enjoying his moment saying something like "Leader!". Then Taemin said, "I like this kind of you" and hugged him.
Jonghyun who was touched at the surprise said that he wanted to capture the moment so he walked to the cameraman to borrow the camera.
Taemin went after him, trying to say something in Japanese but couldn't come up with anything so he said, "Uri" and gestured so then the cameraman took pic of 5 of them with the audience.

Apparently the message was something like, "Welcome back, SHINee. Welcome back, Jjong."
So Key was crying to that.

Kiss Yo was a Jongkey song.
Pretending like kissing.
Also, when Key cried during the surprise Jjong told him not to cry and hold his shoulder.

Jonghyun said "No matter what happens, I want to keep continue on with these five members" twice during encore talk.
It was a nice greeting, but then he said, "Ain't I cool?!"
After that those words keep being repeated.

Key asked Minho, "How was it?" to give him a chance to talk
then he answered, "I'm touched".
Key quickly cut in, "Okay, I got it"
and tempted to make Minho said "Cool" so he asked again,
"How was it?"
Minho answered, "I'm really touched."

Taemin supposedly say "I love everyone!" but Onew stole it from him.
Then, Taemin made a second try but Onew and Key finished the sentence for him. Taemin then say, "I hate you"

During talk after Breaking News, Key commented, "How was it? The main point for this song MV is Taemin's face at the end" then gestured for Taemin to show it.
Onew went to cover Taemin's face with the towel in his hand. 
Taemin then said, "I'm no longer a maknae!" as Onew revealed Taemin's face and of course, it wasn't that funny so not much applause. 
Jjong then said, "How cute" to cover it up. 
Taemin was embarrassed, turned to his back and said, "Please forget that". 
Source: uepomme

Key cried at the surprise, becoming the new maknae of SHINee.
Key - "I don't want to go back... I don't want to go back.. We can sing another round, right?"

Key said in Japanese, "Ah, I already forgot Japanese"
so Jonghyun said, "You're speaking in Japanese now."
Key replied, "Ain't I good!?"

Source: tsubuOl
Jonghyun: Those in 2nd floor, are you having fun?! In 3rd floor, 4th, 5th, 7th...!!
Key: You're not funny at all.

By the way, this happened twice 
Source: 310ponnn

After Key said that to Jonghyun, Onew then look up to the ceiling...
Onew: Dear God, please~ (singing to BURNING UP!)
... causing a large uproar.

During Kiss Yo, Taem was given a tricycle like what a kindergartener would ride. He was just pushing it at first but then started to pedalling earnestly. Even after that he still rode it around the stage like a real kindergartener.
During Kiss Yo, there were balloon bed and slide. Taemin jumped onto the bed and wriggled his hands and feet. Other members rode the slide normally but Taemin ran up and down. He fell extravagantly and laughed hard at by Key.
Key announced that the next song was the last and Onew said that the next song was "Onew".
Jjong then said that Onew was a KY (can't read the situation).
Taemin - "I like Onew!" and hugged him
Source: aionee_51

Key: Who memorized the album for today, hands up!
Jjong: Who listened to the album a lot for today, hands up!
Taemin: Who would never listen to the album from now on, put down your hands!!!

When Onew and Jjong came out at the 3rd row, Onew saw a sign asking for Taemin to make a heart so he did it in Taemin's place instead.
Source: Cbaby__Br

Towards the end, the main screen showed the back of Jonghyun's head. So he got busy asking where the camera was. Then he found it. And winked (^_-)-☆

I died. _(:3 」∠)_

During Beautiful everyone was so carefree!
Especially those two eldest.
During rap they danced like crazy .
Jjong: Quite nervous standing in front of everyone.
Key: I forgot Japanese already, been too long.
Jjong: Nervous?
Key: Like, words, 10 times? Eh, 10 pieces?
Jjong: Yeah

Key: I forgot... I'll work hard!
Source: nacci5ofu

Key: 今年、大きなことを感じました (This year I've felt a lot of big things)
Jonghyun: あっ本当? (Oh really?)

Source: jonghyunsfanboy
Minho: The next song, is really, really the last one. 
Jjong: What is the title?
Minho: The title is...
Onew: Today was really fun! I realllly had fun!
Jjong: Why, off topic hehe
Minho: Right, off topic!
Onew: Really for real, today was so fun.
Jjong: What happened to this guy? He is weird!
Taemin: Towards such Onew... I like him.

Taemin opened his arms, waiting.
Onew came to Taemin.
OnTaem hugged.
Shawols were pronounced dead 
After talking about Breaking News MV.
Minho: Please look forward to our next MV.
SHINee: .....
Probably Minho carelessly slipped it out.
However no other information was leaked.
Source: 11kimj_bling

Key cried at the surprise, but that's not all. The expression of all members when they saw the message... Shocked, then relieved, and finally turned to delightful. I won't forget that moment.
Jonghyun sang his part in Run With Me and then it's Onew's part.
Jonghyun was lip-synching that part as he stood behind Onew. 
Source: s_s4s_m

Key: What's with you?
Minho: I'm touched.
Key: Okay~
Jjong: What makes you touched?
Minho: Everyone made...
Taemin: Made effort to come!
Minho: Made effort to come!

Key tried to include Minho in the conversation, Taemin helped him with his Japanese.
Source: ua_db

Translated by: redndazzling
Compiled by: J.Kimkeysemily @

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