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Saturday, June 29, 2013

[FA] 130629 SHINee - Japan Arena Tour 2013, Saitama (Day 2)

So cute!! The 5 members were holding the lightsticks! Minho was wearing a wig and it is blonde!! The cars looked like they were too small for them.
Jonghyun forced a kiss on Minho and taemin threw the lightstick to the front rows.
After Jonghyun forced a kiss on Minho , Minho stared at Jonghyun. LOL!
MC session now. Taemin's shirt is very wet!
Shawols are snatching the confetti!!
Yesterday, Jonghyun fell while sliding down the slide but he didn’t today. Minho didn’t jump as high like he did yesterday. Key removed the stalk from the apple car and sat on it. Taemin also went to sit on his vehicle. After they finished singing, Key placed the apple stalk back. It was so cute!
Onew went to wriggle in front of Key. LOL!!
Jonghyun said running around the stadium has caused the distance between them and the fans have shortened. He then performed with Onew. Onew acted as the fan. After they screamed, they interlocked fingers. Minho then said that he wanted to act as a fan too and after he screamed, he hugged Jonghyun. Minho wanted to kiss Jonghyun but Jonghyun blocked it and said no. Minho then had this irritated expression.

Source: melodysuho, Melody_易受惊吓体伤不起吖T_T, 贝贝no貝貝, okucheng
Translation: bling_saur

Key kept on waving his hands, he forgot to introduce himself! Jonghyun repeated his joke,
"Hi everyone on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th floor!"
Jongkey did not kiss, Jonghyun only brought Key's face close and didn't kiss at all.

Source: J.Kimkeysemily @

Not even the third song has finished and some fans have already been caught.

Source: Melody_易受惊吓体伤不起吖T_T
Translation: debsayys @

Minho wore a long blonde wig holding poms poms and danced a cheerleading dance during Kiss Yo, his wig fell off and he kept wearing it, then, then he was kissed forcibly by Jonghyun♪(´ε`)
Now waiting for encore.

Source: 贝贝no貝貝
Translation: eimanjjong

Taemin being cute again, so cute!

Source: melodysuho
Translation: laetitia_aw

At the last song onew hugged minho then mino piggybacked onew i die

Source: miwi @

2Min held hands!!!!!!!

Source: keykrisyeol

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