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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[TRANS] SHINee Meets Summer and U in CUTiE Magazine, September Issue

The well known boys group, SHINee, meets you in summer!!
SHINee Meet 〇〇!

Since their Japanese debut 2 years ago, they have been gathering attention not only in the music scene but also in the fashion world. We deliver to you the latest of SHINee!


5-member group from South Korea. Debuted in Japan in June 2011 with "Replay - kimi wa boku no (you're my) everything". Currently in the middle of arena tour "JAPAN ARENA TOUR SHINee WORLD 2013 ~Boys Meet U~" starting from June 28 in Saitama Super Arena.

Born on 14th of December 1989. Leader. The main charm is his voice that softly reverberates in your heart!

Born on 8th of April 1990. Possesses a powerful voice that appeals to the hearts of those who listen to it.

Born on 23rd of September 1991. Leader of fashion. Trend starter with his unique expression.

Born on 9th of December 1991. Also known as the main actor for Korean version of "For You in Full Blossom".

Born on 18th of July 1993. The youngest in the group. Charming with his graceful dancing.

SHINee Meet Summer!
They are passionate in their work; which includes concerts for this summer so we asked them summer-related questions ♪

What crosses your mind at the mention of summer?
KEY: Firstly, it's hot!! I like seasons that is neither too hot nor too cold like spring or autumn.
ONEW: Me too, I like spring and autumn. It's because they are suitable for me to take out my favorite bicycle and cycle around.
JONGHYUN: Actually, I can't stand hot weather too... If I could, I would go to live in Alaska just to spend summer (laugh)
TAEMIN: I agree! Alaska is cold so it's probably a good idea. Is it getting hot because of global warming recently?
MINHO: I guess, everyone but me can't stand summer (laugh). I love bathing in the sunshine! I like basketball but since it requires a lot of movements and will tire me out, I enjoy soccer in summer.

What would you like to eat in summer?
KEY: Speaking of summer, of course it's samgyetang (Korean dish).
TAEMIN: It's full of nutrients, so in Korea it is said that eating samgyetang is good for your body during summer to avoid summer fatigue.
ONEW: I would feel like eating samgyetang in summer too. Gomtang (beef bone soup) would be nice also.
JONGHYUN: Those, and kongguksu. It's soybean broth with noodles inside; a refreshing flavor and very delicious!
MINHO: Speaking of noodles, cold noodles is good too. Since its refreshing taste makes it easy to eat even when you don't have the appetite.

In Japan, when it comes to dating in summer, it is usually about wearing yukata to summer festivals. What would be your ideal summer date?
(T/N: Yukata - summer kimono, usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric)
ONEW: People date wearing yukatas in Japan, so I would like a date where we cycle around together wearing hanboks (laugh). Hanbok isn't a garment that you wear everyday so in a way, I think it will be a memorable date.
JONGHYUN: All eyes would be on you in the streets (laugh). I want to go to a pool instead.
TAEMIN: How about wearing a bikini then, Jonghyun?
JONGHYUN: (Big laugh). I'll be normal, go in short pants and sandals.
MINHO: I choose to go to an amusement park. I feel like riding a roller coaster.
KEY: I prefer indoor dates, like in a cafe.
TAEMIN: I'm an indoor type too. It's would be both cooling and fun if we stayed at home to make and enjoy patbingsu (Korean shaved ice). Jonghyun and I used to make patbingsu together before.
JONGHYUN: In Korea, they sell the toppings like jelly, red beans and rice cake as a set in convenience store, so we put them together in shaved ice. It is very good.

How the five of you would enjoy your summer together?
TAEMIN: Kimodameshi! I want it to be scary enough to make me almost faint or cry, like going into a mountain then something suddenly appears out of nowhere (laugh). I like exciting things, like horror movies or riding roller coasters in amusement parks.
(T/N: Kimodameshi - a game of dares played in summer also known as test of courage. Usually consists of going to a scary place in the middle of the night to complete a mission)
JONGHYUN: I don't like scary things, so I oppose to that idea!
ONEW: How about a seaside vacation, then? We can grill fishes by the sea, rent a pension and spend a relaxing time together. Still, except for Key, the four of us don't like doing detailed planning so Key, please do all the preparation (laugh).
KEY: (Thinks deeply.) I wonder if I can do a good job...
JONGHYUN: This is just an hypothetical situation, so you don't have to take it that seriously (laugh).
KEY: Ah, I was just stunned (laugh). If we are just to simply imagine it, then let me share my idea too! I want to go for a drive with swim tubes on the car like the one we usually see in music videos. I would bring my dogs along.

Memories of summer this year?
MINHO: The other day, we went to Okinawa for the first time to film the music video of our new single. It was a great place, so I hope to go again in my personal time.
JONGHYUN: During filming breaks, we had a barbecue and ate shaved ice. It was my first time eating Japanese shaved ice, which was topped with syrup, but it was good!
TAEMIN: The one thing that made me feel like the place was dreamy, or should I say intriguing, was the weather in Okinawa. It was scorching hot but 10 minutes later it would start to rain. The weather changed easily so it was difficult for filming but please check us out playing around in the music video.

SHINee Meet U!
Let the honest talk starts with "U" from the new single title as the theme!

"U" = fans that you meet in Japan arena tour, what do their existence mean to you?
TAEMIN: They are of important existence, they make us smile. The fans who are there in the concert venues, their eyes appear to be glittering and really happy... I love looking at those eyes. Just like now, all that I do is recall the way those eyes looked but that is enough to make me smile!
JONGHYUN: We have been performing various live stages before, but I was really surprised at how big the first venue, Saitama Super Arena was. To have fans filling up that place really motivated me.
MINHO: I memorized Kansai dialect just because I wanted to know how fans would react to it. There are phrases like "Nandeyanen (why)" and "Ikude~ (Here we go)!".
TAEMIN: "Honma (Really)!"
ONEW: "Meccha (Very)!"
JONGHYUN: Also, "Ee hanashi yanaa (What a good story)" (laugh).
KEY: We wanted to make everyone happy as much as we could, so we prepared dialects for every region we went to (laugh).

During concerts, you already performed the new song "Boys Meet U". How did the fans react to it?
: It's a very refreshing song so I think they enjoyed it.
MINHO: It's our first summer song, so we sang it hoping we could bring out its refreshing feel.

In the lyrics, there are lines talking about preference on girls' fashions or hair styles, so what is the style that suits your taste?
: It's also written in the lyrics, I prefer one piece dress. It looks refreshing in summer.
MINHO: I agree with one piece!
KEY: I think short pants are nice too because they make you look healthy. But basically, I think girls who wear clothes that suit them and know how to make them look good in those clothes are wonderful.

Finally, please share on what you would recommend on how to spend summer.
: Since it is hot, try not to go outdoors as much. I recommend studying in cool places while listening to our songs.
MINHO: That's right. Our tour venues have air conditioners working and they are cool enough so please come on over! Not just summer though, our tour continues until the winter so please come ♪
KEY: The hot days will keep coming from now on, but for the readers, I think the more you go out and enjoy yourself, the more memories you can make.
TAEMIN: Huh, it's too hot, they would melt!!

Source: CUTiE Magazine
Translated by: red

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