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Monday, August 26, 2013

[TRANS] Minho's Interview in AneCan Magazine, September 2013

Exclusive photoshoot with SHINee's Minho,
the prince of Korea's new generation of actors

The tallest and a handsome member of SHINee, the contemporary band that is popular not only in Asia but also in Europe; his name is Minho. Presenting stories that he would share only here, from his drama "For You in Full Blossom" and the second Japan tour till his personal secret story, along with his various expressions.

"I'd be fascinated by girls who will take care of me nonchalantly as in, picking up a thread that is stuck to my clothes swiftly, or telling me softly about a mistake that I made."

"When I fall in love, I just can't stand still without conveying my overflowing thoughts. If I can't get a good reply, I would have to give up but if there is even a tiny possibility, I would push it to the end."

"A girl that looks wonderful in my eyes is a girl that would hold to her responsibility no matter what happens. When I see someone like that who would do her best without giving up even though she faces a hard time, I would feel like supporting her. As for me, I set a target for myself to be a man who takes a good care of his family, like a father figure."

Tell Me Your Secret?
7 fascinating secrets of Minho

1. The thing that I'm immersed in right now is the live stage in Japan!
As a continuation from last year, I am now in the middle of our Japan tour, "JAPAN ARENA TOUR SHINee WORLD 2013 ~Boys Meet You~" and it is really fun! Japanese ladies have such a girl's heart no matter how old they are, so I think they are wonderful.

2. I want to try to have a date at Lotte World in Korea and Tokyo Disneyland ❤
Both of these places are popular but it's hard for me to go there. It just makes me feel like going even more!

3. The thing that really brings the feel of summer is shaved ice!
Summer reminds me to shaved ice. I have a weakness for patbingsu especially (Korean shaved ice with red beans)." (Even for this day, he finished the shaved ice that was prepared for the shooting!)

4. Soccer is my specialty!!
My father was a soccer coach, so naturally, I have been kicking the ball ever since I was little. However, my father was against me being a soccer player...I still continue playing soccer even for now. Whether to just play or watch or play a real match, I love them all.

5. My favorite body part is the eyes ★
My heart throbs when I see people with clear eyes. Eyes are important, aren't they? They're a part that can express various things.

6. I collect watches and scarves!
I like simple apparels, so a simple watch and scarf are useful!

7. Dakdoritang is my favorite!
Dakdoritang (Korean spicy chicken stew) has always been my favorite. The one I eat in restaurants is good enough, but of course the one that my mother cooks with the home made taste is the best!

"For You in Full Blossom" Special Interview!!

"SHINee members teased me more rather than sharing advises and thoughts on the drama (laugh)"

- Following Taiwan and Japan, the popular manga "For You in Full Blossom", which is about a high school girl dressing up as a boy and sneaking into an all-boys high school full of handsome boys, has been dramatized into a Korean version. Minho acted as Kang Taejun, the superstar of the school who is cool and smart, but what kind of a character is he actually?
Taejun is a difficult person, who comes to hate getting involved with others because of something that happened in the past. Despite being a promising high jump athlete, he is contemplating on quitting as he is in slump. That is when the girl who is dressed up as a boy, Jaehee, appears and he gradually changes.

- At the beginning of the first episode there is a high jumping scene. Is that really you?
Yes, it's me. I had special training around a month and a half before filming. Not only did I feel like I had to strictly follow the role given to me, but I also wanted to try doing the high jump. It was just that, the filming was done under the blazing sky in the middle of summer, so it was really challenging for my physical strength and my concentration, as I had to jump numerous times.

- Is there any other challenging scene?
There is a kissing scene between Taejun and Sangchu, the school watchdog but somehow I just couldn't get our mouths to touch, so it was quite tough.

- Did you watch the Japanese version of the drama?
Yes, I did. It was interesting! I watched "Crows ZERO" before I watch the drama so I was shocked to see how Oguri Shun changed dramatically into a romantic character in the drama.
(T/N: Oguri Shun starred as a leader of delinquent clique in Crows ZERO)

- How was it to act with Lee Hyunwoo who plays the role of Eungyul?
Age-wise, I'm older than him but he is more experienced in acting so I got to get along with him as we discussed things together. I wish to act with him again.

- Please share a filming episode with Hwang Kwanghee.
Kwanghee has always been the moodmaker at the filming site. A memorable episode of him would be his great ad-lib in every scene that was too good and funny, so I always had to hold my laugh each time.

- While filming, did the SHINee members ever come to the filming site to cheer on you?
It was a blessing that they came when I had already finished my scene and was entering my break. If it was during my filming, I think I would chase them away (laugh).

- Did the members watch the drama?
They shared their opinions and encouraged me, but compared to that, I think they teased me more (laugh).

- The BEST 3 of your favorite scenes are?
① The high jump part at the beginning. ② The scene where Taejun shared an umbrella with Jaehee on a rainy day, then a bus passed by and they were about to be splashed. ③ When Taejun and Jaehee met again after being separated once.

Source: AneCan Magazine
Translated by: red

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