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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[NEWS] Taemin gets Naeun gifts to make up for his absence on We Got Married


On the latest episode of MBC's We Got Married, viewers saw Taemin run around Osaka trying to buy presents for his virtual wife, Naeun. With SHINee's Japan Arena Tour on the road and A-Pink busy with comeback activities, not only are Taemin and Naeun separated by packed schedules, they're in different countries!

Taemin decided to put the horse mask he got from Junhee and Jinwoon to good use, wearing it as a disguise to go souvenir-shopping for Naeun. However, fans were not fooled and Taemin had to make a run for it, exhausting his manager and the poor cameraman. After escaping and getting a scented candle, the manager decided to take Taemin to a supermarket instead.


Ever the unexpected, Taemin forwent the traditional cutesy girly gifts and headed for the weird stuff. Cola-flavored toothpaste and whoopee bags were a couple of things on the list. He brought the normalcy level back down after that with an adorable card and the last and most thoughtful gift of all, a rosary bracelet.

Back at the dorms, Key the 'We Got Married' Dating Coach went through the gifts Taemin bought for Naeun and helped him come up with a plan to surprise Naeun at MBC's Music Core, with the help of SHINee's labelmate EXO.


Unsatisfied with the gifts Taemin had already prepared, Key suggested recording a video message as well so EXO could show Naeun when they surprised her. With his trademark adorable grin and a little teddy bear, Taemin recorded a shy message for Naeun.


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