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Monday, August 26, 2013

[TRANS] Minho's Interview in Myojo Magazine, September 2013

The first rate tsundere had descended!!
(T/N: Tsundere - someone who is initially cold but gradually becomes warm towards other person)

Minho (SHINee) speaks about the charms of Korean version of "For You in Full Blossom."

The very popular series that has already been dramatized in the Japanese and Taiwan version is emerging as a Korean drama. Minho from SHINee, who acted as the main character, Kang Taejun, shared a few stories on the drama.

I came to think that it's not a bad thing to return as a high school student once more

The Korean version of "For You in Full Blossom" is a school romance drama that tells a story about Jaehee, a girl that grew up in America, and disguised herself as a boy to enroll in an all-boys high school, so that she could meet Taejun, a high jump player that she admires. Minho played the role of that high jump boy, Taejun. Taejun is very popular among the girls for his handsome looks yet he is also very cold to others; a mean, tsundere character. Isn't it hard for Minho who is sociable and known for his good manners to act as Taejun?

"There is a pressure to it, but my happiness for this role is bigger compared to that. To get into the role, I watched all the dramatized versions of the original manga to understand my character more. That was how I found out that I actually have a lot in common with Taejun. He is an athletic star who is always gain overflowing attention from other students and it's similar to my position as a celebrity, so it was quite helpful to my acting."

The one who acted as Jaehee was Sulli, a junior from his agency and also a member of a popular girl group, f(x). There was even a kiss scene with Jaehee in the drama.

"It is a blessing for me to be able to act with Sulli. We were close from the start so I could act with comfort. Of course, I was nervous during the kiss scene (laugh). Since Taejun is a person who doesn't really shows what he feels, it was hard for me to hide and suppress how nervous I was..."

On the other hand, the close relations among the students living in the dorm is another charm of this series.

"The actors are all of the same generation so we were so noisy, riding bicycles within the school grounds and playing ball in the school yard at the filming location. We were wild enough to make others worried that filming might become second in our priority list (laugh). Since I debuted as SHINee when I was in high school, filming this drama was quite refreshing for me. I came to think that it's not a bad thing to return as a high school student once more. I want to have meals and play together with my friends, just like in this drama. I wish to enjoy a very ordinary high school life."

Please check out the lively acts of Minho as an actor in the drama, okay?

Points to check from "Kang Taejun", the role that Minho acts!

Cool-headed→puzzled→affectionate, don't miss Taejun's transformation!
The point of this drama is after all, Taejun's transformation. See how Taejun would grip your heart ♡, the one who was ill-tempered toward anyone at first and but was struck by Jaehee's determination and slowly opened up his heart. After he found out about Jaehee's secret, he changed from a cold man to a reliable knight. Let our hearts throb at the ultimate tsundere gestures of Taejun who protected Jaehee with his unexpected kindness ♪

Soft-hearted towards dog
Taejun behaved badly towards his surrounding but he would talk from his heart to the dorm's pet dog, Sangchu.

Unexpectedly kind
Even when he had just scolded Jaehee, there was a kind side of him as he would wipe her head as she got wet in the rain.

Q: How was your real high school life?
I was the sports-oriented type that would go off to the school yard to exercise or play ball during breaks. I wasn't that good in studies.

Source: Myojo Magazine
Translated by: red

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