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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[NEWS] ‘We Got Married’ Staff Gets Caught Swearing at SHINee’s Taemin

A staff of the show We Got Married was caught swearing…possibly at SHINee’s Taemin.
MBC’s We Got Married posted an unedited clip of Taemin and A Pink’s Son Na Eun couple on its official website on November 20.

The clip was from the episode that aired on November 19, in which Taemin decided to do a hidden camera on Son Na Eun as a joke.
After realizing that it was a joke, Son Na Eun expressed her sadness in an interview, breaking off into tears while talking about Taemin, and suddenly a woman staff says, “What a son of a b**ch” in a half-serious tone.

After deleting the video, the staff of We Got Married said, “I think she was just trying to cheer up Son Na Eun. We are sorry if this caused any trouble.”

However, after watching the video, many fans have been voicing their anger commenting, “Did the staff just swear at Taemin?,” “Should′t they apologize to Taemin instead of just deleting the video?,” “Does she always swear like that?”

Photo credit: MBC

cr: mwave

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