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Thursday, November 14, 2013

[NEWS] SHINee's Interview for ELLE Online, September 2013

Sneaking into SHINee's secret live!
An encounter with skillful idols at Singapore

The annual event of Korean cosmetic brand, "Etude", which is themed based on the brand color, pink, and known as "Pink Play Party", was held in Singapore instead of its home country! Editor-K sneaked into the backstage to meet the main star, SHINee, and held an exclusive interview!! Check out the outburst by the members that will make you laugh!


The main star of "Etude Pink Play Concert", which was held for the first time overseas was SHINee, the main model for the brand, who is also making a big name all over Asian countries. The venue was Marina Bay Sands. The pool on the rooftop which looks like a floating ship in the sky is already synonim to Singapore. I, K, had my mouth unknowingly opened wide at the sight of the hotel.


Besides the hotel itself, this Marina Bay Sands is wide enough to make you wonder how many Tokyo Domes can fit into it, with its convention center, shopping malls and restaurants. The fashion mall is magnificent with the range of choices, probably from all kinds of high fashion to fast fashion brands. One would have no problem shopping in here. Of course, I had to check out the pool first before starting the interview. The pool of 150m's an unbelievable sight.

The party started with a make-up lesson, using Etude's latest products. The lesson was conducted by Kevin, a make-up artist that is well known not only in Taiwan, but also in other Asian countries, and he even has his own make-up show. What a surprise, f(x)'s Sulli was there! Those who are familiar with Kpop would know these reactions - some were crying, some were dumbfounded, and bloggers from various countries were taking photos. These girls that are referred to as 'power bloggers' are quite young, no wonder their passion is...

(From right) Key, Jonghyun, Taemin, Onew. Minho was absent but he appeared in ELLE TV.
SHINee is well known for their awareness of fashion trends and their very edgy fashions. They even donned outfits made by "Keita Maruyama" in their PV before.

So, hours after the 'power bloggers' focused their passion on the cosmetics, and after passing through the time allowed for the media from Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia etc.; it was finally time to meet SHINee! From the right was Key, Jonghyun, Taemin, Onew, Min... huh, Minho wasn't there! I asked, "Minho, where is Minho?!", they told me he couldn't come because of an unavoidable situation...that's shocking...

However, it's time to pull myself together and start the interview!

I gave a camera to the members and asked each of them to snap a photo of a member's body part that they like the most.
Key took a close shot of Jonghyun's nape...fetishism.

Compared to other Kpop groups, SHINee stands out in terms of having (literally) all members sing and dance (in other words, there's no particular member in charge of a certain thing), no matter the difference in height or body figures among the members. Adding to that, their dance level is very much remarkable. Through skillful choreographers that are active mainly in America, including Nakasone Rino who has appeared in ELLE Online, Tony Testa and s**t kingz, breathtaking choreography has become their characteristic. Therefore, the interview started by asking what they do to get in shape.

- Hello.
JONGHYUN: How nice, it's the Japanese language!
KEY: Yeay, I can finally speak in Japanese!! I've only been talking in English before.

- Huh? I didn't know that you like Japanese that much! Well then, let's do this in Japanese as much as we can. A lot of your choreography seems tiring, so which is the ong song that made you feel "Oh no, this song is next" the most in concerts?
JONGHYUN: I wonder which it would be? (discussing with Key).
KEY: Right, that one.
TAEMIN & ONEW: It's "Breaking News".

- Oh, it's the new song. So which song was it before Breaking News was released?
JONGHYUN: Of course it's "Sherlock".
ALL: Right, right.

Onew's choice after being requested to snap a photo of a member's body part that he likes the most was Key's...full body?! I can feel his love.

- Ah, that was quite an intense one, after all. You usually dance continuously in concerts, so what do you do in order to build your stamina and stay in good health?
JONGHYUN: Gym. I do muscle training (showed a gesture of doing a push up). I use the machine.
ONEW: Let's see...I just drink water.
KEY: Water for me too.

- Water? Do you mean you drink the expensive one?
KEY: No, not that. I drink around 2 liters everyday. Also, long hours of sleep. Even yesterday, I went to sleep around 3 am and woke up at 12 pm. 9 hours!
TAEMIN: (laughs)
KEY: Also, when my skin is rough I use "Pink Powder" (*1). It does a great job when you have a pimple or your face is red.

- Oh, that is a nice information. How about you, Taemin?
TAEMIN: I exercise. A round of running.

- (A round? Huh? But where? But Taemin always gives silly answers and I don't have much time so I will just let this pass. Sweating.) Ah, I see. Next question then. I think being comfortable is important in order to get a good sleep, so what do you wear to sleep?
JONGHYUN: Completely naked!
KEY: (bursts out laughing)

- Com... completely naked?!
JONGHYUN:'re asking if I wear underwear? I do wear it...

- Ah, it's fine to be completely naked (I was just surprised so please don't mind me). I think it's just fine. How about Onew?
ONEW: I just wear underwear. Boxers.
KEY: I wear robes.

- Ro.. robes?! (With the image of holding brandy in one hand?!)
KEY: When I stay in hotel.

- Ah, so you meant bath robe (phew). So what do you wear usually?
KEY: It was a present, an "Emporio Armani" pajamas setup.

- Ah, that's sophisticated. How about Taemin?
TAEMIN: Blanket!

A member's body part that Taemin likes is...Onew's hand!

- B, blanket?!... You wear it? (sweat)
TAEMIN: I enjoy sleeping while putting the blanket or pillow between my legs, since I like to sleep on my side.

- (But then again, it's not something that he wears, hmm, never mind). Key is wearing denim pants now too, so what kind of clothes arrangement with denim pants would make a girl looks wonderful?
TAEMIN: Matching it with a normal T-shirt is the best, I think.
ONEW: Nowadays, quite a number of girls wear oversized t-shirts, right? I think those are nice.
JONGHYUN: Flowery top that looks refreshing.
KEY: I think denim on denim is nice. It's the trend now and looks cool.

- Oh, I see. Well then, is there any kind of denim pants that you like? In term of the shape or the brand itself.
ONEW: I don't like the ones that are too tight, so I prefer those that are straight yet slightly loose.
JONGHYUN: I prefer "BALMAIN" denim.

Jonghyun chose Taemin's thighs? Sensual.

- Eh, Jonghyun likes "BALMAIN"? How great (sweat)
TAEMIN: Isn't it expensive?
JONGHYUN: Ah, it's still in the affordable range anyway (nonchalant).
KEY: I prefer "CHEAP MONDAY". They come in various colors so I can choose the one that I like.

- That's just like Key. Well then, the usual one, say something to your fans.
ONEW: Please support our new song "BOYS MEET U". Let's meet in the arena tour!

*1: Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot

Source: ELLE Online
Translated by: red

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