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Sunday, June 10, 2012

[TRANS] compilation of Jjong Tweets!

Jonghyun twitter update @ 1.39pmkst 120610

translation may not be 100% right [rough]
My friend send this to me ! SHINee wearing military uniform fanart !!! Yes I know
the proportion of the picture doesn’t look like the comic that is shown… thanks for beautifying me
but why am I with cotton jacket .. it look a little like official chief.. thanks to the person who draw this ^^ I don’t know if you like me uploading this

Jonghyun mentions at Baby Lincoln on Twitter 120608

Lincoln, sorry for the late follow back.. I didn’t see your mention.. And I think my tweets will be harmful for your self development… I’m worried.. Sleep well, Lincoln!! It’s 10 already. Goodnight
Aigo, I thought you (his mother) were Lincoln so I said nonsense..!! Sleep well!!
*Lincoln is the baby who appeared in the recent episode of Star King that Jonghyun, Key, and Taemin were on.

Jonghyun Updates his Twitter 5:38PM KST 120608

The rain came!!!^^…I just had car wash yesterday..hh..

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