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Sunday, June 10, 2012

[TRANS] 120607 SHINee Official Staff Board Update on Key ‘Catch me if you can’ Musical Final Stage

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Hello : )

The last performance of almighty key Key’s first musical
‘Catch me if you can’ was last night,,,

We sincerely thank all the fans who were with FranKey
from the first performance on April 1st ~ the last performance on June 6th. (_ _)

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(Picture Text: Frank / Hanratty / Senior)

Frank Abagnale, Jr. showed us his
overflowing charismatic side until the last performance.. ♡

Almighty key Key who played the part of the scammer Frank with charisma
definitely shined brightly even while going back and forth overseas with a busy schedule!
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Fu~ll of smiles! hahaha
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And the fans’ event by amazingly decorating
FranKey’s last performance yesterday!!!!

Once again, you comple~~~tely and deeply touched
the shining SHINee’s Key once again.

Right now~ And from now on~ You will send your unchanging support and love like this, right? ^-^
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(Picture Text: Thank you, for the times that won’t return)

FranKey was so deeply touched by the event that so many fans sent
that he shed some tears and his eyes turned r~ed~ T^T

Thank you once again!
And the devotion that all the fans sent to the shining SHINee’s Key!!
We won’t forget it~ ^-^

Then I hope you have a refreshing morning once the silent dawn passes
and I will take my leave now~
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(T/N: The FranKey Union collected enough money to buy 1.5 tons of rice.
The rice from the wreaths are donated to charity to feed the needy.)

We are always thankful~^-^

Translated by kimchi hana @

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