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Thursday, June 28, 2012

[INFO] Maypole to release ‘SHINee Initial Collegiate’ t-shirt line this month

Clothing brand Maypole will be releasing a set of SHINee t-shirts under the concept “refined vintage casual”.

The ‘SHINee Initial Collegiate T-Shirt‘ line is being released for Maypole’s summer season renewal launch. The t-shirts, to be released on June 28th, are imprinted with emblems of each of the SHINee members and will come in five different colors: white, yellow-green, pink, orange, and sky blue.

A spokesperson for Maypole stated, “The ‘SHINee Initial Collegiate T-shirt’ line to be released this month is a product that also gives a glimpse of Maypole’s concept for the fall and winter seasons. Furthermore, we are planning to set up an event where customers who buy a t-shirt will receive a bromide poster of that [SHINee] member.

SHINee has been the official endorsement models for Maypole, a luxury brand targeted towards younger customers, since 2011.

Source & Image: WStar News
via: allkpop

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