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Thursday, June 28, 2012


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English Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

Korea’s Popular Idol Group SHINee participated in “100% Entertainment” Variety Program recording. “100& Entertainment” got to know that 3 years ago, SHINee has shopped/ toured around (Taiwan’s) night market and they are miss it ever since. As SHINee’s popularity in Taiwan continue to rise, shopping around night markets have become an impossible task for them. Hence 100% Entertainment specially moved the “night markets” into the studio instead, to let these 4 big boys, Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun and Key, have the time of their lives.

Previously it was winter when SHINee visited the night markets, so they were unable to try Taiwan’s Most popular/best summer desert : Mango Ice-Shavings desert. Upon trying the “Mango Ice” desert for the first time, the four big boys revealed a surprised/delighted expression; without considering their image, they took huge mouthfuls of it. Taemin happily commented “There isn’t any of this in Korea, I really want to bring this back to eat!” The four of them ate deliciously; even their Korean staffs wanted to have a taste of it so SHINee personally (made) their own creative “ice shaving” desert for the staff members to eat. The entire recording studio was akin to a real night market - bustling and lively.

After finishing their Mango Ice desert, SHINee accepted a basketball challenge. Huang Hong Sheng Group members Jonghyun and Key; and Butterfly’s Group members Onew and Taemin gave in their best attempt to disturb the opposing team - by blowing really hard next to the basketball hoop hoping that it will deflect the ball; by singing really loudly; occasionally, they will even throw in toys amongst the basketball to confuse the opponent team; in addition they (tried to hide the basketballs) by stuffing them inside their group member’s cap or t-shirt. The atmosphere was really lively/charged indeed!

Taiwan’s Night Markets have also adapted a 3D version of the popular game “Angry Birds”. Upon seeing the “3D Angry Birds” Props, the 4 boys could not help but to start playing with them. They even took up the challenge to become “Angry Birds” to shoot at their “Pig” targets. Huang Hong Sheng initially marked Butterly as his target however he accidentally brushed past Onew’s head which caused Onew to gasp in shock “You are so mean!” Huang Hong Sheng got a fright too and said “Luckily I missed, or else I will be surrounded and beat up by the fans later on!”

Source : WOW NEWS TAIWAN | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

[ARTICLE] SHINee Attends Channel [V] “I LOVE JK” WITH KEN (SYNOPSIS) 120628
[Article] 120628 Channel [V] I love JK SHINee Special Episode to be broadcasted on 2 July 

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English Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

Previously, Korean Idol Group SHINee visited Taiwan for activities and have participated CHANNEL[V] 就是愛JK (I love JK) recording. Host Ken specially wore a pearl aqua colour shirt to welcome the special guest. SHINee’s Jonghyun remarked “Whenever we visit Taiwan, we will all anticipate to eat good food.” Hence “I Love JK” specially prepared a game in which the winning team will have the privilege to eat Taiwan’s snacks which includes : Fried Chicken Cutlet, Intestine Noodles, Beancurd, Oyster Omelette as well as Bubble Milk Tea. Jonghyun and Key could not help but to take one bite after another; unable to stop themselves.

“I Love JK” have also specially designed a game to divide SHINee into smaller teams to compete with one another. Jonghyun was rather good with games as he is left-handed. He even commented that “Left-handed people are smart!”. In addition, he will share with everyone about his weird habit of “Opening his eyes wide when he sleeps”. In regards to crazy Key, he will randomly let out a high-pitched shocked scream (throughout the games). He played well too. Still being “young at heart”, Key really loves the “Ice-cream stacking” toy which was played during the program; he will occasionally ask the staff members if they could give him the toy after the recording. Indeed, Host Ken gave Key the toy after the recording which caused Key to scream “I love you!” out of excitement in Chinese . There are games and food; a really happy (atmosphere).

Other than learning Chinese from Host Ken, they also took over the role as Korean teachers for this episode to teach everyone Korean. “I Love JK - SHINee special episode” will be broadcasted on 2 July (Mon) 7PM on Channel [V]. A full episode of exciting SHINee appearance, please do not miss this!

Source : Channel V I love JK Official site | Image + English Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

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