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Monday, December 23, 2013

[TRANS] 131211-18 SHINee WORLD J + PLUS Update

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦
Gourmet Quiz


Jonghyun's hint:

"It appears to be white... Oh, I wonder if this is some kind of potato?!
The dough? It is sort of chewy and tastes sweet. I think it would go well with tea."

What did Jonghyun eat?
The answer will be revealed tomorrow! Look forward to it ♪

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦
Gourmet Quiz


(T/N: Answer for the Gourmet Quiz and hint by Jonghyun)
Nagoya's local gourmet was "Oni manju" with sweet potato filling ☆
In the white, chewy steam bun, there are pieces of rolled sweet potato filling!
The sweetness is not too strong so it is tempting to keep eating more and more!
The other members ate this well as they complimented, "It's good!" ♪

(T/N: Oni manju translates literally into "ogre (demon) steam bun". It is a steamed bun filled with chunks of sweet potato. The name is derived from its appearance, as the protruding potato cuts resemble the horns and mace of a Japanese ogre.)

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦


Today's concert has ended safely!
Everyone in Nagoya, thank you for these 2 days!!

Ah, you know about this hoodie I'm wearing, right?
I got it too ☆
The color is so pretty and cute.
Does it suit me?? ^▭^

Only 2 more stages left for this tour!
I am really looking forward to spending Christmas with everyone!

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦

Nagoya, second day~!


The Nagoya leg of the concert is entering its second day!
Cloudy skies are spread wide over the venue today and the air is cooler compared to yesterday.

Outside the venue, preparations for merchandise sales are in progress!

Let's liven it up together until the end for this last day in Nagoya ♪

 Today's meal too..!?


This is what the catering looks like for today!
They are stamina-boosting dishes such as kushikatsu, pork and chicken though...

The members who just entered the venue...

They are eating hitsumabushi today too!! (laugh)
Counting yesterday, they have had hitsumabushi for two consecutive days!

It seems like they were too hungry and probably just could not wait to be served, as each of them took rice bowls and enthusiastically served themselves. They are eating now ♪

This time, they are not as silent as yesterday...
They say to each other
"Tastes good as expected, right?"
"Yeah, good."

With this, their power gauge was filled.

(T/N: Kushikatsu is a deep fried kebab.)

 Birthday goods


It was Minho's birthday last Monday!!
During the final talk part in yesterday's concert, the members started singing the birthday song, which the audience joined in to sing as they celebrated his birthday.

There was also a mischievous(?) present from a member who sprayed water on him... (laugh)
Minho looked so happy yet shy ♪

Probably an effect from yesterday, I found this item at the dressing room!!

The members tried it on, laughing as they commented on whether it suited the wearer (laugh)

 One of the preparations ☆


The members are in the middle of preparations, whether they be make up or wardrobe changes...

Among those, there is another important preparation in progress for them where they receive massages ^▭^

Since they are so active on the stage, they are loosening their stiff muscles with massages from their trainer.

The members claimed, "My body feels so relaxed!"

At this moment, Onew is getting his massage!

"3 2 1"♪


Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J+ PLUS.

Last week, the long awaited 9th single "3 2 1" was released!
Everyone, you surely have listened to it, right? ^▭^

I went to Tower Records Shibuya on the day of the release!

The display was so cute and attractive that I unknowingly took a picture ♪
Afterwards, this staff keep staring at the music video that was playing on loop (laugh)

Also, look here!!

I managed to get a "3 2 1" magnet, which is a gift for those who pre-ordered the album at the "Boys Meet U" release event!!
The faces of the members and the numbers can be detached from the sheet, so cute ☆

Well then, for this tour that began in June, there are only the additional stops left!
They feel a bit sad that it is ending, but the members are going to spend Christmas with everyone again this year so they are looking forward to it!
Let's liven it up till the end ♪

✦SWJ PLUS 3 2 1 Special Page✦

MV Filming Episode
Part 3: Minho's prop


In this set, filming was done with everyone moving and dancing freely.
After filming a few times they took a break and then started to film again!

And then!
Minho had his jacket hanging loosely off his shoulders but the neck of the jacket suddenly expanded a little.

As others were wondering what was happening, the jacket moved up and down to the music. Suddenly a clear, plastic umbrella appeared from under the jacket!!
What happened was that during the break, Minho found the umbrella and sneaked it into the filming set (laugh)
The members' shocked expressions lasted for a while at the sudden appearance of the umbrella.
The umbrella was then used by Minho to play air guitar, causing the staff and members to start laughing (laugh)

Minho seemed happy that he succeeded in surprising everyone ^▭^

Actually, in the music video, the part where Minho was holding this prop was shown for a second (laugh)
With the intention of checking this out, please watch the MV once again ♪

Translated by: red @

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