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Monday, December 16, 2013

[TRANS] 131206/10 SHINee WORLD J + PLUS Update

It's me, Minho.


Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J + PLUS.
It's me, Minho.

"3 2 1" was released on the 4th of December.
Have you listened to it yet?
All 3 songs, including the coupling tracks, channel a different atmosphere and I think you can feel different sides of us through each song!!

Recently, I have been busy every day with the Korean drama filming but I still enjoy it very much as I experience new things and have managed to learn a lot!

Only one month left in this year.
There were a lot of enjoyable times so I feel like time passed in the blink of an eye, which makes me a bit lonely. Even so, I'm happy that there are still a few stops left for the tour so I can still meet everyone!
Please keep waiting for us!!

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦

Nagoya Concert, first day ♪


We have arrived in Nagoya~!
The venue is Nippon Gaishi Hall ^▭^

It was raining in Nagoya yesterday but today we can see the clear blue sky~!

It's just, the wind is so cold!!
It is getting colder day by day, everyone, you didn't catch colds, right??

Let's liven it up together in these two days, enough to blow this coldness away.

 Backstage report 1

Today's catering.

The side dishes for today are mainly Chinese foods!
There's also miso ramen that you can prepare yourself~

The members enjoy making miso ramen as they say, "Let me! Me too!", eager to try straining noodles for the first time. ^▭^

(T/N: Miso ramen is ramen noodle in miso based soup, while miso itself is a thick paste-like substance made from fermented soybeans)

 Tatata ♪

Today's rehearsal is progressing smoothly!

During rehearsal, the members keep saying,"Ta ta ta♪" (laugh)

Other than "One, two", the other words that they frequently said to each other when confirming their choreography are "Tattatatata", "Ta ta ta" or "Ta".

Today, as Key says, "At this part, it's one, two, tattata~, right?" and shows the move, Onew tilts his head and asks back, "Is it?".

So he tries to dance the part and as it turns out, Key is right!
"So it is tattata~!" Onew says with a full smile. (laugh)

 Backstage report 2

After the rehearsal was over, the thing that welcomed the members back in the dressing room was...

It is none other that the members' favorite, Hitsumabushi!!

Actually, the members were told beforehand that there was hitsumabushi prepared for them so they ate in moderation from the previous catering menu. ♪

The moment they saw hitsumabushi, they shouted "Wah!!" and surrounded the hitsumabushi... (laugh)

Taemin divided it into bowls and the members ate in silence...
They were so into savouring the hitsumabushi that no one was speaking (laugh)

Since it was too quiet I asked Taemin how it was and he answered, "Of course it's delicious♪"

The other members were still attached to their bowls ^▭^

(T/N: Hitsumabushi is the Nagoya-style of eating una-don, a large bowl of white rice topped with grilled eel fillets)

Translated by: red @

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