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Thursday, December 5, 2013

[TRANS] 131125-131204 SHINee WORLD J + PLUS Update

✦SWJ PLUS 3 2 1 Special Page✦

MV Filming Episode
Part 2: Was that an OK?


This time, it's the filming where their running gestures were done by using a short treadmill. They were also filmed riding skateboards, and sitting in a line on wooden boxes, which was later edited to make it seems like they were riding a car... These were all filmed in turn with a white background ♪

Those scenes were used quite a lot in the MV, but the time actually taken to film each scene didn't even exceed 10 minutes from the moment they received the explanation about it!

The time taken for each time was too short, so every time the director shouted out, "It's an OK!",
"Huh? Already?"
"Was that an OK?"
"Was it really fine?"
Each member would ask the same thing, laughing in shock as they took their turn (laugh)

This was because the members did a good job in delivering what the director asked for, so the progress went smoothly. The worried members seemed relieved and returned to the filming as they were given such explanation ♪

✦SWJ PLUS 3 2 1 Special Page✦

MV Filming Episode
Part 1: Mischievous Onew


This scene was filmed by having the members jump from a platform about 50cm tall onto a spread mattress.

It started with Onew as the first member!!
But then his foot slipped from the platform and he lost his balance, so he fell onto the mattress with a slam!
He looked like he sprained his ankle, so the staff who were watching began to worry and asked, "Onew, are you okay?!"

Onew suddenly lifted up his face energetically and answered, "I'm fine~!! Everyone, you're shocked?!" with a big smile towards the staff.
Apparently, Onew's mischievous heart was at its work (laugh)
Seeing the well spirited Onew made the staff relieved.

That was Onew, who was very much satisfied to have successfully tricked the staff ★

First performance of the new song ♪


Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J + PLUS.

The members had the "SHINee WORLD 2013 ~Boys Meet U~" tour stop at Fukuoka on the 25th.
They performed their new song "3 2 1" for the first time and the accompanying song "Colors of the Season" by introducing it as, "The song they want to deliver in winter!"

As mentioned by Minho in the Photo Album section on the tour special site, the members were really nervous before performing it...
Even so, they told me that they're relieved as they saw that the audiences were holding up the light sticks while listening carefully to "Colors of the Season"☆

Also, as a continuation to the revelation of the "Everybody" MV, the "3 2 1" MV was made public last week. Have you watched it yet?

(One of the MV offshot photos ☆)

With the members jumping around with their smiles and unique expressions, along with the positive lyrics, it's no doubt that everyone would feel lifted up ^▭^

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦
Gourmet Quiz


(T/N: Answer for the Gourmet Quiz and hint by Onew)

Fukuoka's local gourmet was "Simmered pork steamed bun" and "ikinari dango"~!
Soft braised pork wrapped in a dough, smells so great~
Ikinari dango has a chewy skin while the potato and sweet bean jam match very well together ♪

(T/N: Ikinari dango is a steamed bun with a chunk of sweet potato and red bean paste in the center)

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦
Gourmet Quiz


Onew's hint
"Oh! There's two types of food today~! Hmm... One is a dumpling filled with meat? The outer layer is like a white bread? It's wrapped with something like that!
Another one is... eh? It's some kind of potato! Inside it are potatoes and red bean paste~ It's chewy and sweet - tasty!"

What did Onew eat?
The answer will be revealed tomorrow! Look forward to it ♪

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦


Today is our tour after a long break; it's the Fukuoka stage!!

I'm presenting a well-prepared self, standing in front of the dressing room before the concert starts ☆
We performed our new songs at the concert!

I was really nervous then, but did you like it? ^_^

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Tour Special Page✦

Today's venue is Fukuoka~♪


Coming to Fukuoka again after the album "Boys Meet U" release event from the last time!

There is quite a big gap for the tour from the last stop in Hiroshima and the season has already changed as well~

There's a port really close to the venue!
It's a very pleasant place with a nice view ★
I will keep delivering the report for today, so please look forward to it~!

 Backstage report 1

Today's catering is like this♪


It's a menu that makes the members happy, with their favorite meats such as grilled chicken marinated in miso sauce, sautéed pork and meatball among others ^^

The members put a lot of the meat onto their plates. Even so, Taemin asked, "It's not the oyako-don~?"

Even though it seemed like Taemin wished to have oyako-don, he still enjoyed today's lunch well ★

(T/N: Oyako-don is a Japanese rice bowl dish, in which chicken, egg, sliced scallion, and other ingredients are all simmered together in a sauce and then served on top of a large bowl of rice)


A snap of the members during rehearsal!!


From the beginning till the end, they checked on the flow firmly. They kept confirming each others' dance moves and whenever there's a member making a little mistake, they would move closer to him to point out, "It's not like that... It's like this~" and show that member how it's really like ^^

The rehearsal ended with them bowing to the staff and greeting, "Please take care of us for today as well!"

 Backstage report 2


After the rehearsal ended and preparation was in progress at the backstage, the members were in the middle of their preparation as well in their dressing room as they were waiting for their turn for make up and hairstyle.

Among them, Key and Minho were discussing, "Here, the dance move for this part~" as they reviewed their past tour stage video on the computer ♪

Behind them, Jonghyun was dancing earnestly to the the music that flows from the computer.

However, Key and Minho weren't aware of what the earnest Jonghyun was doing at all...

It probably made him sad so he moved to the front of the mirror and danced more energetically as he said aloud, "This! It's like this~!!" and finally earned their attention ☆

Onew and Taemin, who were observing this situation from the start were laughing (laugh)

With such conditions, the members are full of spirit as well for today!!

Well then, everyone, it's just a bit more before the concert starts!
Let's liven it up for today too♪

Translated by: red @

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