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Monday, May 21, 2012

I.AM Movie Fanaccount Part 1

Basically, I AM movie shows parts of 2010 SMTOWN in New York, while adding in some backstage scenes, interviews and some handphone selcas scenes. I went for the movie yesterday, the threate was really HIGH, very HIGH; many brought lightsticks, every group has their own loud and clear fanchants. I will start with SHINee parts.

SHINee Dorm:
Only SHINee’s Dorm was seen in the I AM movie. There were rows and rows of clothings being hanged at the balcony of their dorm. While 2KIM were talking and facing the camera, 2MIN were at the back (this scene was so precious T^T…) 2MIN was sitting on the sofa playing video games, the main point was 2MIN have never left the sofa, the sofa was only occupied by the two of them. They were playing continuously (it was obviously a soccer game).  Jonghyun went to sit on the massage chair, and ask 2MIN, aren’t both of you sick of the game? Then 2MIN answered, no ah, it is fun! And they continued playing. Jonghyun then started teaching them how to play, it was like “go there!” “faster shoot!” (this kind of words), then later, (one of them) actually scored a goal (HAHA). when Jonghyun said “shoot” , it switched to LUCIFER LIVE.
Key was playing the computer. Onew was making some Milk cereal food to eat, when he placed the bottle of milk back to the fridge; he looked into the camera and said their fridge is very neat. The scene later showed their fridge. Their fridge was really neat and there were many bottles of banana milk!

Jonghyun crying scene:
I believe many of you saw the teaser video of Jonghyun crying in the movie, actually this was what happened. It was the day SHINee debuted, their family member was there supporting, holding their colour balloons, when they saw their family, there didn’t show much emotion or cry. After they said goodbye to their family, they went backstage. After returning to the backstage, Jonghyun talked about his debut feelings, he said he will continue to work hard, then he mentioned that he has some words which he specially wants to tell his mum, that sentence was ” Mom, I love you! I really love you! ” After he finished saying, he began to cry; Onew saw Jonghyun crying and walked up to him, asked him why was he crying. PD told onew, “you made him cry”, onew say ” I didn’t!” Then the rest of the members walked over, Jonghyun was crying on Onew’s shoulder.

When the movie starts, it shows all the SM artistes introducing the meaning behind their real names and stage names

When it was Jonghyun’s turn, he said “I am Jonghyun, my name is Kim Jonghyun?! No difference.. (P.S. Fan forgot what he said at the back) but everyone in the theater laughed!

After that, it was REPLAY (LIVE) at SMTOWN in New York. The sound system & the movie audio was really awesome, it made me felt that I was watching SMTOWN LIVE.

There were scenes of Taemin and his dance audition when he was younger; after Taemin watched his own dance audition back then, he said “Because I want to be more outstanding, I wore more accessories and dance ~”

Jonghyun said before debut, SM actually planned for SHINee to have only 4 members~ There was a video of SHINee’s REPLAY dance practice before debut; JongKey’s conversation scenes, and some scenes on SHINee introducing themselves to SJ before debut.

Source: SHINee Baidu
Chinese - English Translations: _almightyblings

[Fanaccount #3] SHINee’ Scene in SMTOWN ‘I AM’ Movie
SN : Emphasis is mine, for those who are turned off my long chunks of words=========================================================  

PART 1 :

At the beginning, all the SM artistes introduced themselves and talked about their real name and the meaning behind their stage name. Jonghyun said “I am Jonghyun. My name is just Jonghyun?! No difference..” (the entire cinema laughed) Then SHINee’s Replay performance in USA Smtown was played~~

The audio surround sound system in the cinema was really good so it felt like I was watching a live concert! Through special effects, Taemin was dancing with little Taemin during his audition. He saw himself dancing and commented “Because I wanted to stand out, so I hung many accessories on my body and danced~” 
Jonghyun said that SM’s plan for SHINee was to debut with only 4 members. There was SHINee’s pre-debut Replay practice video and (a video showing) 2 days before their debut day?

PART 2 :

There was Minho’s rap?! The teacher made him pronounce certain words to practice his enounciation. There was also a pre-debut clip of Jonghyun singing. I don’t know why I was so touched~ I could only say that his singing is really great~ There was another scene where Jonghyun had short hair which was really funny!

Key, Minho and Taemin were jumping around, mumbling some things. 

Minho, Onew, Kangta appreciating the night scene in USA on the double-decker bus. There was a siren on the way and someone then said “So this is how USA cityscape looks like?” (S/N : Trying to suggest that he finally saw what they normally see in movies - There will always be police sirens in American movies)

Jonghyun and SJ at a park playing guitar to “Sorry Sorry”

When Onew, Sully and Kangta were having a performance stage together - Not sure if Onew was doing a body gag but he tripped but did not fall. Then Onew quickly took out a mic and gave it to Sulli)

PART 3 :

Key was sitting in front of the camera saying that it is SHINee’s dorm at the background. Taemin and Minho were sitting on the sofa playing soccer game.  When Key was about to start talking, Taemin suddenly shouted and stood up because he scored a goal. Key then shouted (back) “YA! I AM TALKING ABOUT OUR STORY HERE, WHY DID YOU INTERRUPT ME.. How am I supposed to continue!”

Onew was taking out milk from the fridge pouring it into a bowl of cereal. He then confidently opened the fridge and said“Our fridge has been arranged really neatly right~~? We have a lot of snacks but after a few days, it will all be consumed by our members~” Outside the kitchen, Key was using his laptop in the living room. PS : I saw that there isan entire row of Banana milk, the brand of milk Yoogeun was spotted drinking when he was trying to have a haircut. There were some tupperware in the fridge~ The entire fridge was arranged full of things.

During SMTOWN’s rehearsal, Key asked SMTOWN’s staff members if he really needs to be hanged and sway around during Lucifer performance. Then the filming noona asked about Key’s thoughts about having to be hanged in the air?Key says that it is really painful because it was secured on tightly~ Onew says that it feels really good to be suspended in the air~

PART 4 :

To add on to the previous part, during the interview for SMTOWN, Jonghyun was asked to relate his thoughts about hanging in the air. He replied that he is really anticipating for this part~~ Then Lucifer’s performance was played and SMTOWN fans were really high. The entire concert hall was pitch black, (with only) light sticks flailing around~ An indescribable beautiful scene!!

Onew was holding a bowl and walked out of the kitchen (of their dorm) and sat at the sofa where Taemin and Minho were playing soccer game, watching them play. The camera zoomed in into the soccer game screen - where Minho almost scored a goal.. Suddenly Jonghyun sat on the massage chair beside the sofa and which was making “oo oo oo oo~” vibrating noises~ haha. There were also many trophies displayed beside the television!!!!

Regarding Onew’s pre-debut video : He had long hair, (his fringe) covering his eyebrows and eyes.. and he was singing some song - something really warm and gentle~

There was a clip regarding SM artistes arriving USA - the edit was composed of various artistes grabbing the camera to say some words. Jonghyun was lying on the bed, saying that it is night time now and he is really tired~ (The alarm clock says it’s 1:30am) Minho also said that he is sleeping soon~

In addition, SM staff?! At every resting room, a camera was installed on the wall at SMTOWN. Taemin found the camera and smiled, saying “You cannot film now~ ^^” But he actually did not turn it off ^^ hahahaha


The last one is SHINee’s debut stage. They were posing on the stage waiting for “Replay” music to be played. Fans below the stage were screaming “Jonghyun-ah, Onew-ah, Our pretty Taemin, Kibum, Minho-yah~~” But Jonghyun and Key were back-facing the camera, unable to give/show any reaction~ Then the fans screamed “Jonghyun-ah, Onew-ah, Kibum, Minho, Taemin”.. After 10+ seconds later, the music was played…

Then SHINee took an elevator down to the broadcasting main hall to hug their parents. Jonghyun’s mother and sister were present - gave him a bouquet of roses and hugs. Key’s parents were present - Key’s father had a square-ish face XD Minho’s father and brother were present too - His father patted Minho’s face lightly. Onew and Taemin’s present were there too and hugged them~ Every member received a bouquet of roses from their parents.. it was a really heart-warming scene~ TAT But this reunion was a short one, (SHINee) had to rush back~ Jonghyun placed his hands on Taemin’s waist and pulled Taemin away, who was unwilling to leave~~

This is the part where I will explain why Jonghyun cried ~ Initially, the filming noona asked Jonghyun how did he felt, Jonghyun talked and talked, and mentioned “Mum, I love you”.. when he was saying “I love you”, he could no longer hold back his tears~ Onew was the first one to spot Jonghyun crying and hugged Jonghyun who was crying uncontrollably. He asked Jonghyun why did he cry. After that Minho and Taemin came (PS : This is the part where “I AM” ost was played, so I cried with Jonghyun too) 

Source : babi052 (baidu) // Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

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