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Thursday, May 31, 2012

[TRANS] SHINee Mobile Site Updates

Key - Japan Mobile Site Update 120601

Before performance~ I took a photo (o^^o) 
Today’s Tokyo concert (and) the remaining concerts, please enjoy yourselves?! 
Credit: minoutshine
translations: _almightyblings

Minho - Japan Mobile Site Update 120531

The first day of our Tokyo performances~ I really had fun and enjoyed myself!
As expected, Tokyo is hot isn’t it (o^^o)
It’s hot so I’m using my own fan ♪

source: minoutshine /// translation: @ soompi

The specialties of Tokyo that the members are introducing are…
As expected it’s the standard traditional snacks
Kananari okoshi (Thunder rice crackers) & ningyoyaki (fried doll cakes)~ <3

The design of the ningyo-yaki is cute and Minho wanted [one] too. (laugh) [2]
Of course, after the photos were taken, all of the members ate them happily [1] ~

[1] On good terms, meaning they didn’t fight.
[2] the “と” here indicates to me that Minho said that they were cute.

images from minoutshine
JP -> EN :

shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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