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Monday, May 21, 2012

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From HIGHCUT May(?) issue:

“If there are male celebrities that make men question ‘Why do girls love such average face?’, it’s likely they have a dubu face. Onew is a representative dubu face who made his debut as SHINee in 2008 and surpassed his teammates, ‘standard flower boys’ Taemin and Minho, in popularity - obtaining placement as fandom’s no.1.”
Other ‘dubu face’ celebrities mentioned in the article are Joongki, Yoochun etc. It also says ‘dubu face’ is trending as ideals. 

Onewthings note : I hope they realize Onew is not a representative but in fact, was the first celebrity to have been compared as dubu (They wrote as if he is one of many). I always thought dubu was somewhat Onew-specific. Yoochun is considered ‘milky’ not dubu-like but whatever.

Source : HIGHCUT // Translation : onewthings

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