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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[TRANS] 120729 Jjong Tweets & Tweets Mentioned SHINee

jjong tweets!!
(Jonghyun replied to TOREORE FRIEND CHICKEN twitter mention)
Please deliver the redeem coupon to SM … TORE ssi..
(I) can not sleep

: It’s almost 7am in Korea when he tweeted. ><  

Toreore Chicken tweeted Jonghyun @ 12:20amKST
Jonghyun XI , we are so sad ㅠ (Note: they purposely typed the term using “Chicken”) This is Toreore Fried Chicken. You quietly ordered our fried chicken (and tweet) now our store’s ordering phone line kept ringing non-stop in the mid night ah ring diggy ring diggy dingdingding ringdingdong ring diggy ring diggy ringdingdong
By browsing through our TOREORE Fried Chicken album will bring some comfort to your empty stomach… just want to say to the one who sleeps like the SLEEPING BEAUTY Jonghyun ssi … love you.. we will definitely offer you a croutons half sauce half chicken if there’s a chance…..ㅠㅠ

Must watch it live  [Referring to #FYIFB]

cr: foreverSHINee

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