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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[INFO] For You In Full Blossom Press Conference: Minho Interview Compilation

Four episodes of the new SBS drama For You In Full Blossom starring Minho and Sulli have aired so far. Minho expressed his disappointment in the low viewership ratings and his regrets because he could have done better. Now he has more determination to try even harder. To him, the outcome was expected because, “There are amazing sunbaenims on other TV stations who are doing really well,” referring to the popular KBS drama Bridal Mask and new MBC drama Arang and The Magistrate. He shared, “I believe this is the type of homework for a starting actor to come across,” and, “I’m thinking of it positively in the way that it will be fun to see if [the viewership rating] rises as I figure it out.” Minho talked about how the director fills the lacking parts well and that things are working out as he talks to his fellow actors. He commented that, “If you look at it one way, the only thing left to do is for [the viewership ratings] to increase,” showing his optimistic side.

“I worked hard to show a charm different from the Kang Taejun in the manga and Japanese and Taiwanese drama,” Minho shared. Although Kang Taejun is very different compared to the original Japanese version, he tried his best to relate to the pure emotions. In his view, there are many cheerful and fun scenes in the original manga. The Korean version contains more vivid visuals and has many situations that can happen in the Korean standpoint.

From the four episodes that have aired, Sulli and Hyunwoo were able to show a lot of their cute sides. Minho was asked how he will show his charms as the male lead to which he answered, “Kang Taejun found out in episode four that Sulli is a girl. That’s why he tries to let her go but he also wants to protect her. He grows strong when he’s with her. Even though he’s cold, I think he’ll approach her somewhat tenderly and show his charm.” He added that since he knows Sulli is a girl but Hyunwo does not, it will make for an interesting love triangle.

Minho picked his kiss with Sangchu as the most memorable scene in the drama. He thought back to when they were filming and said, “It was really difficult while we were filming. The dog didn’t want to kiss me. I even had to put feed in my mouth… But anyway, it was tough.” After filming the scene, he thought to himself. “My first kiss in a drama was with a dog.” Aside from that, Minho thinks the most memorable scene is where he wins the gold at the youth sports competition. He plays the role of a high jump athlete so he practiced a lot before the actual filming started. Since it took the longest to film and it was tough for him, it left the biggest impression on him and he really likes it.

The first episode aired when SHINee was in Japan but they still downloaded it and monitored it. They said he did really well and came out nicely in relation to the amount of work he went through. Minho thanked his members for their interest even when they’re overseas. He mentioned that, “After watching the drama, the SHINee members don’t call me by my name but by Kang Taejun.”

When the second episode including the kiss scene with Sulli aired, Minho was in Japan so he was not able to watch it. Jonghyun asked Minho in the car how the episode ended so Minho told him it was with a surprise kiss with Sulli. Jonghyun replied, “You punk, you did that to Sulli?” and got worked up, calling Minho an obscene devil. He even teased Minho by asking if he made the NGs for the kiss on purpose. Not only have the members of SHINee scolded Minho for being cold to Sulli, Minho has received several calls from the members of Super Junior scolding him and asking if the cold treatment is Minho’s true intention.

Jonghyun has been showing a lot of interest in the drama and tweeting about it often. He always asks what the next episode will be like and even talks about what he would have done if he were the writer.
If Minho could invite one SHINee member to play the role of his friend, he would chose Jonghyun because he has the most interest in the drama and he would be a fun character .

Sulli was asked if it felt awkward to start acting romantically with Minho who is from the same company as her. The actress playing the role of Goo Jaehee answered, “It’s not a sunbae-hoobae relationship but it’s Goo Jaehee unrequitedly liking Kang Taejun.” She continued to say, “Whenever we do that sort of acting, Minho oppa leads me well,” and, “That’s why I just feel happy.” Sulli feels nervous whenever a scene with that type of skinship comes up. Sometimes before the filming, she asks Minho how he’s going to do it. If she doesn’t ask, he figures it out so it’s comfortable.

All the actors and staff are working hard day and night on this new production. Minho expressed that, “Since many of the actors are around the same age, our team work is important. Even though we have a lot to film and we grow tired, we laugh and have fun playing around. The atmosphere of the set is nice so we are all working hard.” Lastly, he added, “I hope this becomes a piece of work that will remain as a beautiful memory.”

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Translated by:
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