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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[NEWS] Minho declares war on Jonghyun after Photoshop contest

Ever since August 15, Jonghyun has been showing extra attention to Minho, with his new SBS drama To the Beautiful You picking up. Jong Hyun has cheered Minho without watching the drama , spoiled a surprise ending without even trying, and even held a photoshop contest on Twitter with Minho’s picture at stake.

Minho hasn’t exactly been peaceful either during this battle, stealing Jonghyun’s sunglasses and hiding his wallet in the refrigerator.

On August 28, Jonghyun tweeted, “He’s cute.” Included with the post was a screen capture of his conversation with Minho on Kakaotalk.

Jonghyun called out Minho’s name only to get “This is war,” as a reply from Minho. Soon after, Jonghyun posted another tweet saying, “I’m saying he’s cute!”

The second screen capture showed that Jonghyun had sent all the photoshopped graphics from his contest from the night before. After seeing the graphics, Minho replied, “I already saw them all. Hahahaha. Stop sending it to me!” Jonghyun ended it with, “Look at it again.”

With Minho officially declaring war on Jonghyun, fans are anticipating what will happen next for the two SHINee members.

Source/Credit: enewsWorld
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