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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[NEWS] 121031 In a situation of chaos at the Hong Kong Etude event, SHINee still manages to keep their smiles

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5-membered Korean group SHINee recently attended a cosmetic brand event, and 11 lucky fans were chosen to attend that event with them. However, some [uninvited] fans managed to pretend to be reporters. They entered the venue of the event, causing the venue to turn out to be very packed. The 'fake reporters' even competed with actual reporters for strategic spots in the crowd, causing chaos. Because of this, the event had to be postponed for 30 minutes before it started. SHINee, who arrived at the venue early, were forced to wait backstage.

During the event, SHINee (who were in black and white outfits) gave gift boxes containing their signed album to the other 2 female guests who attended. After SHINee appeared for less than 5 minutes, the Korean staff requested for SHINee to return backstage on account of the absence of a Korean translator at the event. This caused dissatisfaction among reporters who attended. The SHINee members left with shocked expressions.

After that, the five members appeared once again for an interview session with the reporters. SHINee mentioned that they went for a celebration meal after the concert, and planned to have another concert in Hong Kong in the future. Reporters asked about the incident where Hong Kong reporters wanted to interview Onew and Key when they were shopping at Causeway Bay and were treated rudely by Korean staff, having their cameras hand-blocked by the staff. The Korean translator did not want to translate that question and changed the question, instead asking about what SHINee's impression is of the Hong Kong media. Minho said that the Hong Kong reporters are very friendly and they are very grateful because of that. After that, the reporters asked them once again about their thoughts on the Hong Kong media. SHINee's manager answered the question for them, saying that they didn't know anything about the incident. Because some "fake reporters" kept disturbing the interview, the interview session ended after 3 questions were asked. SHINee were once again shocked because of that, but voluntarily requested to introduce themselves and thank the media for their concerns about them. SHINee also said that they hope to meet the media again next time, and asked the media to keep on supporting them.

Meanwhile, the 11 lucky fans who were promised a chance to take a picture with SHINee cried when they were told that the photo session was canceled. The organizer promised to give them presents signed by SHINee to compensate them. After that, when SHINee heard that their fans were sad, they requested to take a photo with the fans before leaving.

Source: paper.wenweipo
Translated by: pplr @

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