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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[NEWS] 121030 SHINee’s Jonghyun turned into a sexy panda

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Recently, Jonghyun changed into a panda. On October 27, the star tweeted some photos with the comment, “Transformed into a panda. We’re done in Hong Kong. It was fun.”

At the SHINee World II in Hong Kong concert held on the 27th, he entertained the audience in a fresh way, by dressing up in a panda hat.

The singer appeals with a cute charm as he smiles big towards the camera. His wet hair sticking out under the panda hat draws attention.

Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Jonghyun is a cutie.” “That’s a sexy panda Jonghyun.” “I can see how handsome he is in the picture.” “Where can I buy such a cute panda?” “The Hong Kong fans must have loved him in that outfit.”

In the meantime, SHINee is to conduct an Asia tour concert in Singapore and Thailand in November.

Source: TV Report,
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